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The United States with the signing of the United States the largest in the history of foreign military aid amounting to $38 billion – memorandum of Beijing News Agency in Washington in September 14 Xinhua (reporter Diao Haiyang) 14, the United States and Israel signed a total of $38 billion in military aid memorandum. This is the largest in the history of the United States a foreign military assistance memorandum. According to the memorandum, the United States will start from the 2019 fiscal year, $3 billion 800 million a year in military aid funds to Israel, until the end of the fiscal year 2028. The White House issued 14 of the prospectus, the military aid funds include $33 billion of foreign military assistance funds and $5 billion in missile defense funding. The United States President Obama 14, said in a statement, the military memo again showed the U.S. security commitment to Israel "unwavering". He said that with this memorandum, Israel can continue to acquire the world’s most advanced weapons and equipment technology, which will ensure that Israel has the ability to respond to various threats. Obama said that since the founding of Israel, the United States has been Israel’s best friend and partner. He also stressed that the United States continues to support the two countries through the program to resolve the Israeli Palestinian conflict, which is the only way for Israel to long-term peace and stability. As an ally, the United States has long provided funding and weapons to israel. The two sides regularly hold joint military exercises and joint development of military technology. At present, the United States each year to provide $3 billion 100 million in military aid to Israel military aid funds, the existing memorandum will expire at the end of the fiscal year 2018. According to the Israeli "Haaretz" reported that from November last year, the two countries began to negotiate a new military memorandum, Israel made a number of concessions in negotiations. First of all, the amount of military aid to Israel is lower than previously proposed $45 billion; second, Israel from fiscal year 2019 will no longer be allowed to apply for additional military assistance funds; third, military assistance funds must be used to buy American made weapons and equipment. Reuters reported that although there are differences of the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Obama in a series of problems, but he still believes in the American administration reached a new military memorandum is the best choice. (end)相关的主题文章: