The voiceless Youth Of India-shishangqiyi

Organizing Indians view disability as something that is fit enough to be hidden and ignored. Owing to this cause there are many specially abled people in the country who have not been given the need and care they deserve. As a result this segment has be.e extremely marginalized and has been excluded from the rest of the society. The main reason for the exclusion is the stigma attached with disability in our society which affects the way people behave and treat a specially abled person. For the overall development of the society it extremely important that this ostracized .munity is included in the society and made a part of all decision making processes. Young people with disabilities form the poorest and the most marginalized youth in the world according to the UN. There are estimated suggesting that there are close to 180 to 220 million disabled youth all over the world and 80% of them live in developing countries. The disabled youth in India have been marginalized and their voices have gone unheard for many decades. Giving this section their rights, empowering them with methods of self sustenance and integrating them into the society are some step we as a country and society need to take if we want to take that leap from a developing to a developed economy. Change is needed in the form of everyday attitude of every citizen towards the specially abled people to governments efforts to help empower them through implementation of policies. Without addressing the needs of this section of the society, Indian cannot continue to develop. The onus of rehabilitating the specially abled doesnt lie with the Government alone. In this regard the Government recognizes the reach and active participation by NGOs in India who are working for the upliftment of the specially abled. Stairs, an NGO working with the underprivileged youth with sports at the heart of its youth development program started Stairs4ability, an effort to uplift and empower the specially abled through the medium of sports. A cricket academy, to this effect has been established in the town of Kushinagar, UP. The decision to start the program from UP was because according to the 2001 census the highest number of disability has been reported from this state-3.6 million The academy has state of the art infrastructure and coaching facilities to help the specially abled youth and children get a shot at being integrated into the mainstream. Most of the disabled youth in India suffer from poverty, lack of education, lack of awareness, low self esteem and low self worth. We as a country have always believed that youth are the future of our country. Then is it fair that we focus only on the youth from one section of the spectrum and .pletely ignore the other end? The issues affecting the general youth like education, health, employment and social services also affect the specially abled youngsters but in a more .plex manner. Discrimination and attitudes makes their going to school, seeking employment and participation in local activities much more difficult. .munication gaps and physical ostracization makes them hard to participate in social life. Many NGOs for children in India are working towards breaking the barrier existing between the society and the specially abled children. Research has suggested that children with special need face more challenges than their non-disabled peers. The need of the hour is that the NGOs working with disabled youth through their youth empowerment program bring to the fore the experience, voices and observations of these youngster so that the society is able to hear and understand them better. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: