The withered flower of love, the poor have not met the little angel!

, a 31 year old mother, who had committed suicide by jumping off a building with her two children, made me think of something that happened many years ago.

A cold night

years ago, wash after getting ready for bed. Phone rings. On the phone after a qiruoyousi voice, my heart a tight: Xu, do you remember me? Before listening to your class, consultation during the pregnancy is not good, always make the nightmare of the mother". Because, every time after class will have a lot of pregnant mother consulting problems, can not remember. My brain quickly search, remember, a 29 year old, more than 7 months pregnant expectant mother’s eyes in the brain.


at that time, the teacher’s phone is not to the students, because the mother every time after class to talk to me for a long time, put his phone to her. Hearing her voice on the phone, she immediately asked, "honey, how are you now? Sleep okay?" Just listen to the phone there came a heartbroken crying, "Mr. Xu, I didn’t listen to your advice, induced labor." I hold my breath, my heart burst, tears can not help but stay. 8 months of pregnancy induced labor, give up never met angel, and how to bear the hurt and pain? Her husband is a dirty and irresponsible?


that is a class, a lot of prospective mothers to ask questions, there is a prospective mother waiting, standing next to her husband. They dispersed after the mother came to my side. No mouth, eyes full of tears, she told me often insomnia, nightmares, anxiety. A helpless look at me. But I noticed that her husband wasn’t worried about his wife’s condition. Instead, she looked at her with a look of displeasure. In the chat later learned that she was pregnant after her mother to take care of her, because family chores conflict, the husband is always on the side of his mother, accused his wife is wrong. Husband and wife often quarrel. Husband began to neglect his wife, regardless of his wife and pregnant. The expectant mother can only drag a heavy body to do things on their own.

runs into the illness, her husband finally indifferent, let his wife abortion, divorce. I talked to her husband two times, but it didn’t help.


pregnancy is not only a significant physiological process, but also a complex psychological change. There are different degrees of anxiety, depression, fear and physical discomfort during pregnancy. If long-term stress, anxiety, depression, emotional instability, will seriously affect the health of pregnant women and fetal growth and development.

pregnant women are closely related to the emotions of the fetus, the fetus can be 4 months pregnant mother’s feelings, can have a simple emotional reaction, the mother’s emotions can be transmitted to the fetus. The mother is happy, the fetus is happy; the mother is often angry, fear, anxiety, fetal prone to emotional disorders;