The woman met with friends being raped that escape from the clutches of vomiting-660003

The woman met with friends being raped that vomiting escape from the clutches of the original title: the woman met with friends that escape from the clutches of violent vomiting were woman Wang Hefei in the network game in the understanding of the male friends Hwang, this thought is a "fate", but almost male friends bring friends drunk rape. Wang is at a crucial moment on the occasion, that he wanted to get off to escape the clutches of the vomiting. September 2016 one day, police in Hefei Wang received the alarm immediately after the investigation and the suspect Zhang and other two people arrested. According to the police investigation, in August 2016, the victim Wang playing games when users know Hwang, Hwang borrowed a month after his birthday occasion about Wang eat together, and invited Zhang, Lee duo. After dinner, Hwang with Zhang and other two people invited Wang to go to KTV to sing with the victim. During the three turns and Wang play the game trying to drink drunk, drunk after the victim will take away from the KTV, sent to the suspect Lee’s car. Taking advantage of the victim when the king is unable to resist the weak sense of consciousness on the occasion of the two suspects Zhang, Lee to take coercive measures to implement the victim’s indecency. According to the suspect Lee confessed that night, we both have fun playing in, see Wang drunk unconscious, then temporarily, to rape Wang, and in the car on the implementation of indecency. However, Wang suddenly asked us to let go of her, she said she wanted to get off the bus, we are afraid of her dirty car let her get off, who knows she ran to the police KTV. "At that time, we drink too much, we want to seek stimulation through this method." Recently, the police in Zhang, Lee duo allegedly forced indecency brought to Yaohai procuratorate arrest. Source: Angola online editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: