The world’s toy giant Lego’s first factory in Asia in Jiaxing

Lego, the world’s largest toy maker, has its first factory in Asia, which is located in Jiaxing, an intelligent warehouse automated production line, a robot for the protection and breeding of giant pandas…… These creative interesting projects can be built using a small building blocks. 6 2*4 models of Lego square blocks, actually there are more than 900 million kinds. In November 25th, the world’s toy giant Lego group in Asia’s first factory, Lego factory (Jiaxing) held an opening ceremony, announced that the factory was officially put into operation, the supply of Lego products and high quality for the Asian market play experience. Into the Jiaxing advanced manufacturing base, a modern factory covers an area of 165 thousand square meters has been presented in front of Lego system blocks injection molding, processing and packaging facilities etc.. This is a standardized factory. As the world’s fifth, the first Asian High Kellogg factory, Jiaxing factory to global production standards. "All Lego products are developed by the designer at the headquarters in Denmark, and every piece of the Jiaxing factory is in line with global safety standards." The general manager of Lego factory in Jiaxing Huang Dezhi introduction, Jiaxing plant will be produced each year millions of Lego components from all aspects of injection molding, decoration, packaging and packaging of the final pre and all around the world as the Lego factory. This is a green factory. Opening ceremony, Lego group announced that it will install 20 thousand solar panels in the roof of the factory in Jiaxing, the annual power generation of nearly six thousand trillion watts, equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 6 thousand Chinese families.. Compared with traditional energy sources, the Jiaxing plant solar panels to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4000 tons per year." Tim, vice president of Lego group’s environmental sustainability, ·, said that these solar panels will be installed within a few months, is expected to be fully operational next summer. In fact, the use of solar panels is only one of the measures to reduce the environmental impact of the plant. Lego Jiaxing plant will also use solar energy supply of hot water, the implementation of 100%LED lighting, enhance the insulation performance of buildings. At the same time, the installation of efficient molding machine, the use of rainwater for irrigation and the use of electric vehicles in the transportation and other environmental protection operations. Over the past three years, the production of Lego building energy consumption reduced by 16%.相关的主题文章: