There are luxury cars, handsome guy, as well as easy to enter the $one hundred thousand method-running man 20130908

There are luxury cars, handsome guy, as well as an easy way to $one hundred thousand a year, Tesla was remotely cracked! First, a car may lose in the story: in the morning, a group of hackers China announced the successful break tesla! This group of hackers from Tencent Cohen laboratory, they shoot and upload a complete video, showing the crazy child Tesla the whole process. In the video, hackers attack method shows the following: without the key, opened the car door; when driving (variable Road) to shut down suddenly after Tesla suddenly opened the mirror; the driving of a car trunk; let the car brakes suddenly when driving. Crack Tesla video address published as follows: Cohen Cohen Laboratory Laboratory hackers told Lei Feng network (search for "Lei Feng" number of public concern) house off channel (public No. ID:letshome): these attacks are the "non-contact remote attack" implementation. That is, hackers do not need to touch the car was attacked, you can achieve remote intrusion. This is a moving car, is a very dangerous loophole. Home guest channel learned: This is the first time in the global security vulnerabilities through the success of physical contact without a remote attack Tesla Motors electric network and achieve arbitrary body and vehicle control tesla. Two, the success of foreign hackers jailbreak on iOS10 recently, foreign hackers Tedesco on their own Twitter show their success on the iPhone7 jailbreak iOS 10, iPhone7, Luca. As can be seen from the picture, this jailbreak has successfully installed a mobile phone Cydia 1.1.26 version, and the main interface in the Cydia has been exposed iOS 10.0.1. But Luca Tedesco said that the study of iPhone7 jailbreak researchers just because of their mobile security field, is not ready to open the jailbreak tool and use the loophole, and look forward to the results of other hackers jailbreak. It is understood that, before the release of Luca iPhone7 jailbreak Tedesco, the first show in the Twitter jailbreak iOS 10 video on the iPad, also announced earlier in the iOS9.3.2 jailbreak video. Please see: rushed the crowd, foreign hackers successfully on iPhone7 jailbreak iOS10 three, the annual salary of one hundred thousand dollars a hacker manual since last Sunday the house off the channel made of "don’t do bad things, white hat hackers in the one hundred thousand knife properly" of this report, there has been a reader in the background message, when the hacker hao. So, Lei Feng house off the channel editor at top speed interviewed a potential security experts earn much more than $one hundred thousand, has been a valuable guide! How to do a hacker based on zero? You should have seen this topic many times. "War: the vulnerabilities of software vulnerability analysis of" the author of Dr. Lin is security practitioners goose factory?相关的主题文章: