These countries less Jingmei is also very convenient visa


Thailand old name Siam, Thai people to "Siam" to "Thai", take its "freedom" meaning.

here is relatively low prices, and the visa is convenient, can be said to be one of the highest cost of foreign countries!

went to Thailand to eat the local delicacy, such as Thai pineapple rice, Thai Stir-Fried Rice Noodles, shrimp soup, mango Glutinous rice, northern Thailand fish, green papaya salad, curry, Thai curry noodles, Sauteed Crab Coconut Juice chicken soup, tropical fruit…… Otherwise, I will go back to Thailand.

don’t forget an authentic Thai massage.


there is no place like Nepal, can also see the sunrise, snow capped mountains play rain forest adventure, static from lakes, as well as playing in the snow gliding in the background…… And it’s so exotic and mysterious!

there are 14 mountains in the world, more than 8000 meters high, can be seen in Nepal, the 9, and Nepal’s low altitude, there will be no altitude sickness.

Nepal is also known as the "hiker’s paradise", a number of hiking routes are mostly around the Himalaya mountains, where the Anna route was named one of the world’s best hiking routes.

Nepal and 4 world cultural and natural heritage: taking Mount Qomolangma as a symbol of the Sagarmatha National Park, with many wild animal of the Royal Chitwan National Park, Kathmandu Valley, the Buddha around the monuments of the birth of Shakya Muni Delancey lumbini.

although Nepal ranks among the poorest countries in the world, it is the top ranked country in the happiness index.

Sri Lanka

there are black tea, there is a small train, there is a temple, there is faith, there is a smile, this is a person can fall in love with Sri lanka!

Sri Lanka, also known as the "Ceylon state", it is an island country in the India ocean, because the shape of water droplets, it was said that it is a "Pearl" in the India ocean". The pious man heart, it is a drop of tears "Buddha turn left".

Sri Lanka’s geographical location close to the equator, where all summer, is a colorful tropical island.


Burma is a golden state, quiet gentle and somewhat mysterious, and countless beautiful decoration pagoda. Especially in the city of Vantaa, Bagan, "small water world" in Inle Lake, and the most beautiful sunset "called uben bridge, framing this three world-class place is Burma travel to be desired.

in Burma, buddhism;