These things in life to do less, otherwise it will drain your Yang

called the "Yang", is the motive force of the metabolism and physiological function of human body substances. There are two sources: one is congenital, from parents; the acquired mainly from food, food and water absorption and transformation. Yang more, the body more strong; on the contrary, people will get sick.

so, in order to keep Yang sufficient in life, must avoid those irrational behavior of large consumption of yang.


didn’t get the best sleep time

23 PM to 1 midnight, it is midnight, when the transfer of yin and yang. This time is the time of day, the Yin Sheng Yang is the weakest, the best time to sleep.

now when people frequent nightlife, used to stay up late, wearing the body’s Yang, if things go on like this, all kinds of diseases came into being.


diet cold spicy sweet

summer Yang body scattered, gastrointestinal but a cold condition, if the cold food to hot weather, will damage the spleen yang, spleen yang, impaired transport disadvantage, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fatigue and other symptoms; eating sweet Atsumi, spleen and stomach can not be shipped, phlegmendogenous Yang hinder the operation of gas, resulting in Yang Yu Yang deficiency; good spicy food is that the spirit of excitement, but also lead to excessive dissipation of Yang, Yang deficiency.


summer Tanliang, cold injury Yang

hot summer weather, the human body Yang, scattered outside the pores open vent. Today hi cool, long fan or a long stay in air-conditioned rooms, is tantamount to open, the cold evil will into the skin, tendons, joints, if not promptly from the cold, will infringe Yang organs and viscera, incurable disease.



movement is improper, Yang lost Tibet

Yang is born, but too intense exercise can make Yang Qi but not hide. Especially the blood burned people, due to the consolidation of Yang deficiency after exercise induced by Yang Yang is true of dissipation. In the night, the high intensity of exercise and fitness, seems to make up for the lack of exercise in the day, in fact, in violation of the "growth collection" order.


work Fanlao, outside Yang Zhang

people busy, intense competition, the pressure of life, more trouble. Such as the human body Yang because of overwork and mental stimulation is not timely collection of rest, one will lead to deficiency of Yang; on the other hand, Yang too fatigue resulting in inability to enter the Yin, even cause insomnia, neurasthenia, thus forming a vicious spiral.


sex not section, Yang deficiency of the kidney

modern people’s life significantly increased than before, and the computer, television, books and magazines everywhere propaganda nannvzhishi, will make the human body Yang long from this green earth long float;