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Things in case of crisis, to build the whole industry chain of ecological security or solution – Wen Li East Sohu of science and technology in recent years, due to the rapid development of mobile Internet, and the number of the intelligent mobile phone, smart bracelet, smart watches, smart Home Furnishing intelligent hardware, networking and therefore won the rapid development. Gartner is predicted that in 2020, the number of smart devices will reach about 25 billion units, with smart devices related to marginal revenue or up to $263 billion. In the 2016 World Internet Conference, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Huai Jinpeng also said that in 2015 Chinese networking industry reached 750 billion yuan, in 12th Five-Year with the growth rate reached 25%, the number of connections by 100 million through the network machine to machine, occupy the world 31% of the total, to become the world’s largest market. While the rapid growth of the Internet of things, the other side is accompanied by a lack of network security ecology. Different from the mature Internet industry, including Tencent, Jingdong, several major Internet giants have to improve the security of network security and ecological system construction, the networking industry is the outbreak, yet the construction of network security infrastructure, people and enterprises facing common network security threats everywhere. The United States suffered from paralysis of network events, see the potential crisis of the development of the Internet of things in recent years, the occurrence of large area network paralysis event is triggered people Internet era of network security issues of concern. In fact, the cause of the large area network paralysis is hackers use a called "networking Destroyer" Mirai virus. This virus can be chicken search in the Internet of things, and when it scan to a networking equipment (such as network camera, intelligent switch) after trying to log in using the default password (Mirai virus comes with 60 common password), once the login is successful, the networking device into the "chicken" list. To be manipulated by hackers to attack other network equipment. But as everyone knows is that the United States is the birthplace of the computer and the Internet, whether the network or the network security system developed degree is higher than that of other countries around the world, but it is in such a highly developed Internet country, still will due to hacker attacks and cause network paralysis. May want to know, and now we are facing the network security environment is more severe. More importantly, all because of the advent of the Internet era, our mobile phone, computer and intelligent Home Furnishing equipment through the Internet and our personal bank card, online payment tool is connected with the exchange, which make our life and work more convenient, on the other hand it also greatly increases the security risk. Especially in recent years, the frequent occurrence of high incidence of short message network fraud and phishing incidents, and even college students have been cheated of tuition fees led to the death of the incident occurred one after another. These are fully illustrated: the era of Internet of things, network security environment is not only more and more complex, but also more and more severe. It is obvious that the prevalence of Internet hackers, the high incidence of network fraud, is bound to allow people to use each other.相关的主题文章: