This cough medicine, children under 12 years of age to disable!


At the beginning of the new year

CFDA, a / , a revision of the specification of the drug containing codeine, which has a heavy content: children under 12 years old disabled.

codeine belong to weak opioid analgesics, can be used for the treatment of mild to moderate pain and relieve cough symptoms, usually with other prescription and over-the-counter cough and cold medicine use. Both single codeine preparations have compound, codeine and paracetamol, aspirin and other cough or cold medicine made of compound preparation.

The main revised contents of

containing codeine drug instructions

1, children under the age of 12 are disabled; lactating women are disabled; known as CYP2D6 ultra fast.

2, increase the respiratory inhibition of adverse reactions.

3, for patients with chronic respiratory disease 12-18 years old children and adolescents should not use.

4, long-term use can cause dependence, high doses can lead to death.

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how dangerous?

is a kind of anesthetic drugs codeine opioids, codeine is converted to opioid morphine in human body. Because some people will be converted to morphine codeine speed is usually faster and more completely, which makes higher morphine content in their blood, and the high level of morphine can lead to a variety of problems, including breathing difficulties may lead to death.

because of cough syrup addiction led to the tragedy of the news reported frequently:

1, high school students from home to get $20 thousand, mad cough syrup;

2, middle school students "drinking cough syrup addiction" was trembling; disaster caused by flooding water,

3, young people due to drinking cough water addiction, leading to convulsions, coma into the hospital……

in 2008, the State Food and drug administration special requirements of 13 kinds of compound oral liquid containing codeine cough required by prescription, the reason is that the cough medicine containing these codeine phosphate in and ephedrine two components of superimposition, normal use is safe and effective, generally not more than 7 days of continuous use. If the use of large doses will produce hallucinogenic effects on the human body damage, and even life-threatening.

for the use of cough syrup, the State Food and drug administration, Ministry of public security;