This may be the culprit note 7 bombing (video)

It might be Note 7 "bombing" culprit Evening News – Samsung global recall Note 7 State Bank seems to sell Tencent of science and technology Guo Xiaofeng reported in September 3rd Samsung hopes to maintain the second half of the mobile business good sales momentum this desire may be spoiled. Yesterday, Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Note 7 global replacement program, and that is the battery defects, promised to provide a replacement service for every user to purchase. For sale only a day China market, Samsung Electronics is also the China District Science and technology Tencent said in a statement sent to, because of the different battery supplier, is not in the scope of the replacement, China consumers can buy. Currently, South Korea users can replace the new phone from September 19th, Samsung Electronics has not yet announced specific time in other regions, but also said it took two weeks to prepare new components. Battery package bad may be culprit due to problems caused by mobile phone battery explosion or burning phenomenon is not uncommon in the industry, the early years of Galaxy S3 have been exposed problems caused by mobile phone battery explosion, Samsung test on the mobile phone battery explosion after the response, said Samsung is not original products. Some other mobile phone brands have had similar problems, but also because most of the original battery or charger is not used. Galaxy Note 7 is not the problem, but the battery itself is flawed, Samsung also acknowledged this point and said that the current global total sold 2 million 500 thousand Galaxy Note 7, has found that the battery fire or explosion accident in 35 cases. So what is the problem with Galaxy Note 7 battery? Unlike other mobile phone brands, Samsung Electronics has a huge industrial chain, screens, chips, batteries, memory combinations, almost all of the key components can think of self-sufficiency. Industry insiders generally know that Samsung SDI is mainly responsible for the supply of lithium batteries Samsung mobile devices, in recent years, SDI has expanded to the field of electric vehicle batteries. In addition, Samsung mobile phone used earlier BYD’s battery, and then gradually reduced, there are some other battery suppliers. There are rumors that the Galaxy 7 Note battery is the problem of its own Samsung SDI battery, the initial reason is the battery packaging problems, poor packaging or lead to the short circuit to the core. In the technical aspects of the battery of Tencent technology, said the mobile phone lithium battery materials, chemical activity are very high, very low boiling point, the battery is responsible for the storage of electrical energy is part of the core. As long as the battery package is bad, the electrolyte in the battery in case of thermal vaporization, the expansion of the gas to break through the package, the light is a variant of the machine, a serious encounter after the explosion will produce electric sparks. There is also a situation when the overcharge, over discharge, there may be a breakdown of the battery core in the poor quality of the diaphragm, so that the short circuit, causing high temperature and high pressure explosion. So the mobile phone battery in the process of charging the most prone to explosion. Samsung Electronics China said in a statement, the Chinese market sales of Galaxy Note 7 using a different battery supplier, not a problem battery, which is entirely possible. Because like Samsung Electronics global!相关的主题文章: