Through the sea of death

Cameroon what is our trip the end point, began to return, in order to meet the buddies across the desert highway desire, we walked a long way back, in Hotan, just to see my good brother Abu of Xinjiang.

Abu, a native of the Uighur boy, handsome, kind, honest, after graduating from college in a few years of efforts in the area of jade business has been little known, 2017, refueling brothers! Like Hetian friends can add him WeChat: hetianabu

Tian Tian, Abu accompany us to stroll the market, fruit products, in the evening is a big meal, mutton absolute enough.

and Abu said good-bye to each other, and from the field of desert highway, Kuche, Korla, alar city, red channel (Qinghai) has spent 3 days in addition to Saline Lake tea card, along the road or desolate desolate.

of the Taklimakan Desert, the Uygur language in " to get out of the place, people usually call it " " Dead Sea ". It is located in the center of the southern Tarim Basin, is the largest desert in Chinese, next to the Sahara desert in Africa, is the world’s second largest mobile desert.


is the Taklimakan Desert Highway 2:

is a 1995 through Luntai, Minfeng line, a total length of 565 km. Another is through 2007 (Akesu), alar Hetian line, a total length of 425 km.

the two desert highway is the longest road in the world.

I have two

across the desert highway, compared to the former two roads, many vehicles, the latter is sparsely populated, more desolate. The car did not have the pressure of the whole, there is a gas station halfway, choose which one to see the individual needs.

this time we live in Hotan, chose the latter through.

drive in the car through the desert, sand king endless people deeply feel the "sea of death" brings amazing, terror and numbness.

desert highway to your incomparable driving experience, car Benz on the vast expanse of the desert, remote and desolate, windswept dunes, like fly back to let people go by like the wind, that came to another planet!

drive in multitude desert, sand sky blowing, the visibility is very low.

chase by tornado