Tianjin airport, high-speed fog affected by the impact of leading to the surrounding bus line outage-shishangqiyi

Tianjin airport high speed, are affected by the fog to the peripheral bus line outage – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Tianjin on November 5th news (reporter Jia Liliang) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, affected by heavy fog, Tianjin airport, the city bus is of high speed, effect of different process, a number of leading to the surrounding public transport line outage, high-speed bus stop classes. By morning fog, Tianjin bus lines leading to the surrounding districts was 14, line 2 line outage, with the fog dissipated, 721 bus, 722 bus, 652 bus lines and 563 other route to Beichen, Wuqing and other places have gradually resumed operations, other bus lines currently operating normally. Because of this orange warning occurred on the weekend, people travel less rigid demand, bus passenger flow is also relatively smooth. Fog caused by the decline in visibility of the road, Tianjin bus to take a single line amplification operation time measures, an increase of about 50%. Affected by heavy fog, the entire highway within Tianjin city closed high-speed bus to the long-distance bus terminal has stopped class, take the road of low class line is still operating, in addition to downtown Tianjin Binhai Tianjin Binhai line 3, but also because of high speed off temporary outage. The traffic of each passenger station group is checked, urged the passenger station low class line driver to open fog, low speed, to ensure traffic safety. The airport, more than 8 points this morning, Tianjin airport visibility is only 100 meters, the fog of normal flights taking off and landing, the Flight Corporation according to the weather condition of nearly 80 flights out of Hong Kong to make time to adjust, 13 flights canceled the flight today. As of 9:30 this morning, the Tianjin airport passenger Department to protect the Tianjin airport flight agent more than 50 classes, more than 6000 passengers, the specific recovery of the flight also need to be seen as fog weather conditions.相关的主题文章: