Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress cancel the elderly free ride to the social security card

Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress: cancel the elderly free ride to the social security card

10:00 in January 16, 2017, the Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress Li Junlan’s "No. 2017 Tianjin Haihe River sailing frontier client NPC and CPPCC mobile phone video broadcast interview" second shows with friends about whether to cancel the old bus card exchange and discuss.

"frontier" client users "Wang Cheng" that Tianjin’s old card or cancel as well, he said that although the elderly card for the majority of older people travel to provide convenience and benefits, but many don’t need to take the bus for the elderly morning and evening peak with commuters grab the bus, to give young people more pressure. In this regard, Li Junlan on behalf of the original views.

Li Junlan said, after investigation found that 10 years from March when Tianjin began to implement the elderly free riding, has been six or seven years of time, there are some other problems, such as the existence of a large number of "sleep", because in the 65 years of the card, since there are many unclaimed cards now, there are about 350 thousand tickets unclaimed. A card according to 20 dollars, a waste of 7 million. In addition, when the original design of the system, there is no way to develop the old card void, recycling and annual inspection system, so that the elderly card is sometimes used in the elderly, but also to the driver a lot of trouble.

Li Junlan suggested that the elderly should treat the bus card by patch becomes clear up, put the money directly to the social security card.

Li Junlan said: "I this year ‘s" two sessions "will take this proposal to increase the relevant departments attach great importance to the city, I think the problem will be resolved in the near future."