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Tips: "core" which kind of wardrobe you like "core"? The wardrobe is used to make the board of the wardrobe. There are many types of wardrobe panels, particleboard, MDF, moisture-proof board, core board, fir wood, multi-layer solid wood panels, and so on, the details of the wardrobe plate classification and the advantages and disadvantages of each plate knowledge, please see below. ?? 1, particleboard?? particleboard (also known as the "wood particle board") is the wood or other lignocellulosic materials such as raw materials, cutting into a certain size pieces, dried and mixed with adhesive, curing agent, waterproofing agent, a kind of artificial plate in heat, pressure and temperature and pressing a. ?? The appearance of particleboard advantages?? for internal cross scattered granular structure, the performance of each direction is basically the same, the horizontal bearing capacity. In the production process, with a small amount of glue, environmental protection coefficient is relatively high. The surface is smooth, the texture is realistic, the bulk density is uniform, the thickness error is small, the pollution resistance, aging resistance, the appearance, may carry on each kind of veneer. Don’t need to dry?? manufactured goods, you can directly use, sound absorption and sound insulation performance is also very good. The shortcomings of particleboard? The internal structure is granular and not easy to milling. Rough edges, easy to moisture absorption, easy to cause the phenomenon of violent teeth in the cutting board, so some of the processing requirements of the processing equipment is higher; not on-site production. ?? 2, the density of MDF board?? (also known as the "board"), which are stem material, wood and wood materials or other plant fiber as raw material, after grinding heat (powder), glue (urea formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive), an artificial plate, dry pavement after hot pressing made. ?? Density plate appearance advantages?? all kinds of veneer tape film, decorative panels, light metal sheet materials can be glued to the MDF surface; paint, paint can be coated on the density board, the effect is very beautiful. ?? Hard density plate by punching, drilling, but also can be made into the sound absorption plate, smooth surface, fine texture, stable performance, easy to shape, solid edge, avoid decay and insect problems. Excellent physical properties, good nail holding ability, uniform material, no dehydration. ?? MDF?? no moisture, see water swell, long time bearing deformation. ? 3, moisture-proof board, moisture-proof board, that is, in the particleboard substrate to add a certain proportion of moisture particles, can make the plate in case of water swelling greatly reduced. In addition to the advantages of shaving board, there are also a prominent advantage is moisture-proof. It is important to note, moisture-proof plate and ordinary particleboard soaked in water, the expansion rate is the same, the so-called proof is a role for the moisture in the air. The disadvantages of the damp board? All of the shortcomings of the board, moisture-proof board are. ?? 4, Daxinban Daixinban?? (also known as the "Blockboard), is composed of two pieces of wood veneer splicing intermediate rubber pressure into the middle board is handled by the high quality natural wood after heat (i.e. drying room) after processing into a certain size of wood, from the fight the trigger is spliced. The two sides of the spliced wood board are respectively covered with two layers of high quality single board, and then made by cold pressing and hot pressing. The total thickness of the double side adhesive plate allonge Daxinban not less than 3mm. All kinds of相关的主题文章: