To avoid these ten mistakes, you will measure blood sugar

for patients with diabetes, blood glucose measurement is a routine task, but there are still many patients do not have some of the relevant knowledge. 10 kinds of error prone here and talk about blood sugar in patients with diabetes, to avoid these errors, help patients obtain test results consistent, more aware of their blood glucose levels.

error 1: buy a blood glucose meter is not suitable for their own

for busy young patients, choose a suitable can be put in a pocket or a bag, a blood glucose meter compact and easy to carry; for older patients, convenience may not be so important, more suitable for the purchase of large screen, display is also relatively large blood glucose meter.

error two: did not buy high-quality blood glucose meter

although the blood glucose meter and test items are not within the scope of Medicare reimbursement, the patient should also be purchased from the normal way of high quality blood glucose meter and ancillary products, and do not let inferior products affect blood sugar results.

error three: set the wrong time and date to the blood glucose meter

blood glucose meter is arranged on the correct time and date can help patients to compare different dates and time node of blood glucose before and after, but some patients do not pay much attention, not set the correct time and date in the blood glucose meter, which makes the blood glucose data and time mismatch, to determine the meaning of the data after the day that is more confused. Therefore, the purchase of new blood glucose meter debugging to ensure that the correct time and date set.

error four: blood glucose measurement at the wrong time

For example,

morning fasting blood glucose and fasting time is too short (such as zero after meal) or fasting for too long (from yesterday afternoon without eating); or after meal blood glucose was measured immediately as postprandial blood glucose; or not from eating the first mental arithmetic time, but from the end of the meal began to count, 2 hours after the test as the blood glucose postprandial blood glucose. This will result in inaccurate results and do not reflect the actual level of blood sugar.

error five: did not develop a good habit of regular blood glucose measurement

the best way to manage diabetes is to regularly test your blood sugar, which means you need to put the work into a part of your daily life. You can set the alarm clock in your cell phone to remind yourself to measure blood sugar. This method is especially useful for those who have not developed the habit of measuring blood sugar regularly.