To write this letter, she jumped with a pair of children!

years in late January 6th 8, a district of Hunan city in Xiangtan Province, a 31 year old mother, written a suicide note, with a two year old son and a few months old daughter, jumped from the 13 floor, three people left this world.

What happened to

? The desperate mother finally online suicide, perhaps, we can from a side, understand her pain mood.

please keep a respect!

wrote this letter, the young mother, with her two children ignorant, passed away, from her birthday, just a week.

this morning, see this news, Miao brother mood be calm. In the letter mentioned by her husband asked GBS positive, B positive Streptococcus, is common in clinic.

regular delivery of pregnant women, the late pregnancy will routinely take vaginal secretions, screening GBS is not positive. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 10% of pregnant women are GBS positive ().

this ratio is relatively high, as long as the diagnosis and treatment of conventional treatment, strict monitoring, most of the mothers and babies do not have very serious complications.

results? A patient suffering from childbirth for up to 22 hours of the mother, in the first day after the birth of a child, her husband was asked about sexually transmitted diseases is how.

pain has been sent to the baby half alive, neonatology, mother will definitely be dead beat, anxious, this time to be the husband heart attack is a blow and a shout, devastating.

maybe this is the first crack in the crust before the eruption. Behind the seemingly trifles, but repeated friction, abuse of the heart.

trauma is day by day accumulation, and finally in January 6th, a straw breaks the camel.

had no contact with the mother, but estimates she may have postpartum depression.

puerperal depression is the most common type of puerperal mental syndrome, mainly for sustained and serious depression and reduce power, insomnia, pessimism, despair, there will be serious or Dutch act of infanticide.

The incidence of

in the 15% ~ 30%, usually in the post natal week symptoms, about 70% of patients in the cure of the disease within a period of 1 years, but very few patients can last for a period of 1 ~ 2 years; again, there is a recurrence of pregnancy from 20% to 30%;