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Health Age spots as we all know are caused by too much sun exposure but thats not the only reason why people have age spots. Age spots can also be caused by weakened skin cells and even bruises that are not healed .pletely which can also leave behind pigmented cells. Age spots normally appear after the age of 55 and almost all of us can experience this when we reach this age. Some even can have age spots before the age of 55 depending on how exposed we are to the sun and how healthy we are with our lifestyle and food intake. But in this modern day and age, age spots are not much of a worry anymore. There are already a variety of cosmetic procedures available in the market today such as microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, and other methods that peel away the topmost layer of the skin and remove age spots. If you are one of those suffering from unsightly age spots on your face, arms, neck and other areas that are more exposed to the sun, here are five age spot removal treatments that you can choose from: Chemical Peels for Age Spot Removal Chemical peels are one of the most powerful facial rejuvenation procedures. This kind of age spot removal treatment does not only help in reducing and removing age spots but can also stimulate the skin to increase collagen production. The most popular types of chemical peels are: AHAs, TCA, and Phenol. Among the three types, its Phenol that is really powerful and strong. So, it is not re.mended to people who have darker skin tones. But most people, except those who really have very delicate and sensitive skin, can benefit from AHAs. AHAs is the mildest among the three types and it can surely help in removing rough patches and age spots as well after a few treatments. Fraxel for Age Spot Removal Fraxel, nowadays is one of the most prevalent age spot removal treatment. It is a kind of laser resurfacing treatment that helps in reducing pigmentation on the skin like age spots and also acne scars. Fraxel laser does not only remove age spots and smooth out the skin, but also rejuvenate the skin revealing a much youthful glow. This kind of age spot removal treatment is very simple and efficient and can surely be an answer to your pigmentation problems. Laser Skin Resurfacing for Age Spot Removal Laser skin resurfacing treatment is a kind of cosmetic procedure nowadays that peels away the topmost layer of the skin and stimulates the skin cells underneath for a faster turnover. The peeling of the top layer of the skin alone can already remove age spots but finishing the whole treatment sessions can ensure a much healthier and glowing skin. This kind of treatment is getting more and more affordable so this can be a good choice for you in maintaining a younger looking skin. Obagi Blue Peels for Age Spot Removal The Obagi Blue Peel is getting popular nowadays. This is because the treatment is less reactive .pared to the other chemical peel treatments. The peel used is made of thrichloracetic acid (TC) that goes into the skin and helps in stimulating new cell growth. Obagi Blue Peel is .monly used by many to remove wrinkles, scars, and other pigmentation problems like age spots. This procedure has very less side effects so its a better choice for those individuals who have sensitive skin. Microdermabrasion for Age Spot Removal Microdermabrasion is a procedure that rejuvenates the skin and even reduces fine lines and wrinkles through sandblasting the skin with aluminum oxide crystals. This treatment gradually removes dead skin cells and also helps in lightening pigmentation. Age spots are harmless but having many of them on our skin will take away the fresh appearance that we once have. Lotions, creams, and other beauty products are not really effective in removing age spots because these marks are already embedded deep within our skins outer layer. So, those treatments mentioned above are the best choices you can have for permanent age spot removal. 相关的主题文章: