Top three contraceptive methods




broadcast into the medical profession hall, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, invited the deputy director of Obstetrics and Gynecology physician, medical doctor expert group and wo professor Chen Yulin , from pregnancy to contraception, contraceptive advice to science from the ancient and modern methods of contraception, abortion and a series of problems on women’s health hazards are introduced in detail.

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three top contraceptive methods

a lot of people ask me, what is the most reliable method of contraception, contraception is good or bad, are the contraceptive failure rate, I summed up the following three types, they are the failure rate of less than 3 (100 female, a year with the method of contraceptive failure rate of less than 3 times) this is a method of contraception have succeeded. They are:

1, male, female ligation

I hope there are more men heard the show, male ligation can not recover this argument is very wide spread, may be due for a long time the male social status is very high, so the physical risk and responsibility for contraception are transferred to the female, in fact male ligation is the most secure all the top level of contraception, and minimal side effects the high rate of recovery!

female ligation is one of the top contraceptive method, the pass rate is 80~90%, but the pass rate is less than the male, so the male ligation is a better choice.

female ligation location such as the fallopian tube on my finger "pigtail" position, it cut off half centimeters to one centimeter of fallopian tube;

or from the vagina, injects some adhesive agent it is blocked, these different methods are called female sterilization.

2, contraceptive ring

We have been told the

last year, ring was placed in the uterine cavity, usually closed the uterus wrapped around the ring, ring fixed in the uterine cavity.

3, implant (buried)

this is generally used for female, in the figure of small needle, slender white matter, which contains some contraceptives, generally buried in the upper inner tube, 3~5, is valid to take out. ;