Tour Austria’s top rider China won the award

Tour: Austria’s China won the award ceremony of 2016 top riders twice Longines Chinese equestrian tour Beijing Railway Station on September 23rd -26 in Chinese Equestrian Association base. The event is sponsored by the Chinese Equestrian Association, the international equestrian equestrian development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and the national modern five and Equestrian Training base. After intense competition, Austria star Marcus – Saraig won the Grand Prix champion, China rider Zheng Wenjie won the 130-140CM level first, and Duan Yihua won the first car partner of marseille. The tour Beijing Railway Station game a total of 153 people gathered in a combination of competition, domestic and foreign big riders, including the International Olympic champion Frank – Slovenia rider Tucker, Marcus Saraig, Jerry Smith, Stephen cantin, Lars Niboge, Huang Shunyuan (South Korea) and from Hongkong Chinese lined letter, as well as domestic the first rider Huang Zuping, Hadad iron, Li Zhenqiang and so on, and there are a large number of new generation China riders participate in the competition, with the competitive market. Three days after the final race, this race in the highest ranking tournament 145-150CM Grand Prix, Austria star Marcus Saraig, with zero penalty in the play offs in 51.04 seconds to finish the race, becoming the only one zero penalty race rider, won the championship and get 87500 yuan prize, China rider Dazhma and Zhao Zhiwen in two or three place. In the 130-140CM championship, from Beijing kelaiwu livestock team rider Zheng Wenjie won the top German team rider Lars Nyborg and Xinjiang team rider Manu La Komti won the two or three Abai respectively. The game is the first time after the introduction of the Dalian Railway Station in the tour of the country’s highly ornamental car Marseille, 130-140CM level champion Zheng Wenjie and driver Duan Yihua won the first prize in the game. Tour Beijing Railway Station photo Longines Chinese equestrian tour is the first known as the "China" is the first domestic top Equestrian Jumping Events, is committed to improving the game Chinese jumping level, is a set of events, entertainment, exhibition and cultural activities in one of the International Equestrian Federation two Star Tour events, since established in 2013, the four Grand Prix of the year, respectively (Expo Hall), Dalian Railway Station, ShangHai Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station (Donggang business district) (Chinese Equestrian Association (base) Guangzhou Railway Station finals Huangcun Guangzhou Olympic Sports Center), in the tour has become a brand competition, to create a nationwide equestrian industry chain.相关的主题文章: