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Real-Estate TR Lawing is a large real estate property management firm that has garnished one the worse property management reputations in Charlotte, NC. TR Lawing Realty is well known for its misleading and unethical real estate business practices, that now has both homeowner clients and home renters speaking out publicly against TR Lawing. We have performed extensive research into the illegal and unethical business practices of TR Lawing and this is what we have found on this deceptive real estate firm. The Commission found that TR Lawing Realty had placed certain tenant security deposits and rents into interest bearing accounts and investments without written authority, and that TR Lawing Realty had paid from client funds and expenses associated with the management of certain properties, when the funds on deposit for those properties were insufficient to cover such expenses. Heres what one homeowner had to say about using the services of TR Lawing Realty, I thought by using a large, reputable company I would be in good hands in getting my property managed/rented/maintained. Bad assumption. I’m in the process of trying to terminate our management agreement. 2 1/2 weeks into this and there’s still no sign in the yard and no maintenance has been done to the house. The manager assigned to me takes at least 2 days to return an email and then still does not address my questions. The complaints against TR Lawing Realty are voiced by angry renters and homeowners that had their trust betrayed by TR Lawing Realty, and this company still continues its unethical real estate practices as if they are unconcerned and unmoved by the many negative consumer complaints that have been made against them, so the NC Consumer News agency is verbally and literally issuing a consumer warning against doing any business with TR Lawing until they clean up their poorly rated business practices, this is reflected so clearly by angry consumers at: and Here is what another past customer of TR Lawing Realty had to say about the unfair business practices of this deceptive company, I am having the worse experience with TR Lawing. I am renting a home from them and can never get anyone on the phone. They have misapplied payments to my account twice in the last 8 months. They are quick to send a late notice but slow to fix the error. I am currently trying to break my lease due to poor customer service and have sent all the necessary paper work and monies to try and re-rent my home. They cashed my check but never advertised the home! If I ever get out of this I never rent from them again. Please beware!! TR Lawing has not learned anything about reforming their company image, even after their real estate brokers license was suspended for 2 years, and the many recent complaints from trusting homeowners and renters, that serve as a valid verbal warning, beware of doing any business with TR Lawing Realty, unless you have a lot of patience to pursue TR Lawing Realty in a court of law. 2010 this article is the sole property of NC Consumer News. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: