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Transaminase why can rise? What is the single enzyme? – Sohu health enzyme system change is the most common alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST). Source: Dr. ALT the highest content of liver in the liver cells, is a reflection of liver damage (inflammation, necrosis, poisoning, etc.) is one of the most sensitive indicators, as long as 1% of liver cell necrosis and cell membrane permeability increased, the enzyme activity was significantly increased. ALT increased significantly in the acute or active phase of hepatitis. The distribution of AST in myocardium was highest, followed by brain, liver, kidney and other organs, and in the mitochondria of liver cells, only when the liver necrosis or injury, the blood AST activity will increase. The sensitivity and specificity of ALT in the diagnosis of acute hepatitis were higher than that of AST. The duration of ALT in patients with hepatitis can last for several months, while the duration of AST is shorter than 1 months. The results showed that the level and duration of serum ALT and AST were positively correlated with the degree of liver cell damage, and ALT was recommended as the most sensitive index for liver damage in WHO patients. High ALT is an important risk factor for chronic hepatitis B (CHB) patients with serious adverse events, and mild ALT (15-44IU L) or repeated fluctuations are important markers of disease progression. But the application of ALT to evaluate the inflammation of the liver should note the following: 1, normal reference value of ALT by age, sex, body mass index (BMI), a variety of factors such as eating habits; 2, different individual ALT baseline differences, so the same individual before and after comparison more meaningful; 3, the current domestic area each unit of the ALT upper limit of normal (ULN) difference is 40-50IU L; 4, 2002 Italy Milan a large sample of 6835 cases of healthy blood donor retrospective study suggests that range can be set at the normal value of male < new ALT; 30IU L, < 19IU7L, which will be women; ALT the upper limit of normal gravity; 5, part of liver disease, even if the ALT in the normal range, there may be liver inflammation, according to a report in the normal ALT levels in patients with chronic HBV infection accounted for more than G2 13.2%-44.4%; 6, acute And sub acute or acute on chronic liver failure, ALT decreased or even normal, and T.Bil rise, a phenomenon of "enzyme jaundice separation" or "bile enzyme separation", is an important manifestation of hepatocellular necrosis; other organ damage or inflammation in 7, heart, brain and kidney, also the elevated levels of ALT. If the test found that the individual transaminase slightly increased (in less than 1 times the upper limit of the normal value), not necessarily because of its nonspecific hepatitis, may be due to other reasons such as eating, drinking or strenuous exercise, excessive fatigue, laboratory test error may also, and by the operation method, instrument, reagent, temperature, and the operator’s sense of responsibility and skill 0相关的主题文章: