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Jewelry-Diamonds Couples everywhere in the world, use diamond engagement rings, as a symbol of their true love, on their most important event in life. It presents the .mitment and affects the love for a true and meaningful relationship. At the moment of exchanging the engagement rings, the young couple, makes a promise that they will spend the rest of their lives together. Between so many rings and different materials like: gold, silver, platinum, it is hard for us to choose the perfect diamond ring. Mostly, couples are searching out for something totally unique and outstanding. Diamonds represent the traditional choice between women as a gift for their engagement. With a wide variety of models, styles and designs available today white gold and platinum can match every persons taste. Arent we all desire to pick a ring that we will be adored for years to .e and to watch it with the same excitement like we havent seen it before? Lately, some fabulous trends have be.e very popular, with modern styles and shapes with plenty of eye-catching colours. If you’re ready to purchase diamond engagement rings for your wedding, here are a few of today’s hottest trends to consider. Trend with Coloured Metals and Gems Coloured metals and stones are one of the thrilling new designs in engagement rings. The majority of the rings in the past were primarily made from white and yellow gold but todays rings are made with plenty of coloured metals available. Rose and yellow gold, white gold and blue diamonds are one of the most popular trends nowadays. Long time ago, jewellery was made from white diamonds. Today, rings can be made from plenty of colourful gems. Precious stones are available in brown, rose, black, yellow and blue. If you prefer other tones like sapphires, emeralds or rubies they can be also included in your wedding jewellery. Trend with Geometric Shapes Different geometric shapes are one of the engagement jewellery trends to consider. These settings also make the engagement ring to stand out from other ordinarily and classic pieces. Interesting geometric shapes with so many eye-catching forms have be.e very popular. Design trends in engagement ring are changing rapidly, so I insist you to purchase something that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle altogether. The description of some of these trends will help you in a better way, if you are looking for an engagement ring for your special occasion. Trend with Vintage and Antique Styles Vintage and old fashion styles have gained popularity and be.e a favourite choice for many couples today. Some of the most desired vintage and antique styles include floral details as well as Art – Deco style. The general idea stands for elegance and durability involving multiple stones with classic cuts. Not so long ago, there has been a precise demand in design and sparkling diamond cuts added all over the ring to personalize a different look with tiny gemstones. With mixing different metals, you can see huge variations in designs and cuts, shapes and styles. Individual desires and preferred designs in diamond shapes resulted with plenty, but amazing models with romantic silhouette and a vintage inspired look. The diamond itself catches the eyes of anyone watching it and .plemented with gemstones adding glamour, brightness and beauty of the overall design. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: