Trump and Putin on the phone hope to establish a close and lasting relationship – Sohu

Trump and Putin on the phone hope to establish a close and lasting relationship – Sohu news, according to the Russian satellite network 15 reported that the Moscow Kremlin issued a statement saying that the two sides agreed that the two countries have constructive cooperation". According to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) November 15th news, on the same day, US President elect Trump and Russian President Putin on the phone for the first time, expressed the hope that the closer and lasting relationship with russia. This is the first time since Trump won the presidential election in November 8th, the two sides call. According to the 15 Russian satellite network reported that Moscow Kremlin said in a statement, agreed that the two countries had a "constructive cooperation, including the fight against terrorism, and stressed to create a solid foundation for the development of bilateral economic and trade relations. The Kremlin said that Putin and Trump Du agree with us Russian relations are in grave not ideal state, Putin and Trump are on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in each other’s countries, dialogue and constructive cooperation partners. Putin expressed his willingness to communicate with the new U.S. team under the principle of equality. The statement said the two will continue to contact the phone, and will arrange the summit meeting later. Trump is responsible for the president of the United States transition team said in a statement, "during the meeting the two leaders discussed a series of problems, including threats and challenges, strategic and economic problems of the United States and Russia suffered more than 200 years of history of relations between Russia and the United states. President elect Trump told Mr Putin that he would like to maintain long-term and stable relations with Russia and the Russian people." Trump will be sworn in next January 20th. 8 years as president Obama will step down. During the Obama administration, the United States and Russia due to the war in Syria and the Crimea islands and other issues have differences, tensions. During the campaign, Trump praised Mr Putin’s leadership more than once. Trump is expected to come to the outside world, the United States will have a tough stance on Russia or change.相关的主题文章: