Trump the president will continue to use the personal twitter account


Phoenix president elect Trump said in an interview, after he became president of the United States, will continue to use personal Twitter account, rather than the official presidential account @POTUS.

Trump explained in an interview that, due to his personal account has a large number of fans, so he will continue to use this account, in order to fight against those who have false reports of the media.

"for @realDonaldTrump this account, I think I will continue to use it…… I now have 46 million fans, this is really a lot, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram fans. So when you have 46 million fans, I’d rather let it grow. I will keep @realDonaldTrump, continue to use it to send tweets, use frequency may be reduced, but because the media had so many false reports to me, is not a true story that I will be back by Twitter. Twitter is not a 140 character limit for tweets, now is the 280. Once they release the news, I can fight back in the first place, "he said.

in addition, the Trump transition team official said, trump will continue to use his personal Twitter account, rather than the official account of President @POTUS.

‘s recent survey shows that most American voters want Trump to stop sending tweets and delete his personal account.