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Tucao: we let the non runners start running 8 funny white lies running every runner needs a running partner – they can encourage you, push you forward and catch up with you. Sometimes, however, runners have the urge to encourage a non running friend to run. At this time, there will be some strange things in your mind, you will think: "we are so good friends, running together is a very interesting thing ah!"! I know I can make her fall in love with running!" The idea of spending time together often allows a novice to jog with you, but sometimes the runners need to be inspired by white lies. Barr Salon Aa, an American female runner and columnist, summed up 8 of the most ridiculous lies: "1," a thigh bruise? "" "" "" "" "" "- Alison No, no, you got it wrong, I mean?? bake a pie? Yes, baked pie! When we run, we should get some pie for one hundred percent." 2, "Oh yes, the running time is always fleeting. The mileage will not be very difficult, certainly will not feel the time to rest, you will never want to go home, you have to live forever on this path?" 3, "come on, 5K basically is about 3 miles (about 4.83km), basically is around the block of the circle, basically is to hang around 3." 4. "Of course we’re going to have brunch. Of course, a 2 mile (about 3.22km), you will burn a stack of pancakes, bacon, of course." 5, "no, there is only one mountain on this road. Okay, maybe two or three but not too steep? I mean it’s not that steep?" 6, "you do not have shoes? Of course, you can lend me a pair of! I’m certainly not crazy, even see you in the whole process of running internal rotation or heel or other damage to what I was wearing running shoes when the perfect thing. Well, enjoy it!" 7, of course, if you are tired, we can turn back! I will never pretend not to hear your voice and run faster." 8, "no, this is not black, but everyone will be painted the latest fashion black nail polish. Yeah, it’s cool!" Sina runs the moonlight相关的主题文章: