Twitter launches explore button to provide trend discovery function

Twitter mobile applications

Twitter in the recent revision of mobile applications, where the "Moments" button is replaced by the "Explore" button, so that the overall user experience smoother.

Moments itself is tied to Explore, and Explore also includes trend messages, search and live video, etc.. The new version of Twitter is gradually released, initially log on iOS platform, and the next few weeks will also enter the Android platform.

Twitter confirmed in October last year will join the Explore button. This section will contain the most interesting Twitter news about a particular activity.

Prior to the launch of the Moments

, Twitter has also provided a forum called Discover, but only show the user may be interested in the account and message. Currently, the content on the Twitter is becoming more and more. In 2015, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) said that one of the important fields of his future is concerned "to simplify our service". Explore is part of it.

Twitter acknowledged that it was not easy to find what was happening on the platform, and that Explore was a step towards that goal.