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Typhoon "Meranti" by Wenzhou and more danger the local armed police overnight rescue – the new network: Wenzhou armed police detachment of soldiers to the disaster area. Li Hui photo Beijing, September 16 Wenzhou Xinhua (trainee reporter correspondent Wang Gang Zhu Qiqi) in September 15th, when the Mid Autumn Festival, this should be the lamps and candles of a myriad families, month two reunion. Typhoon "Meranti" arrival in Zhejiang Wenzhou and more dangerous situation has occurred. Wenzhou armed police detachment quickly moving, rushed to organize rescue teams were rushed to the scene, rescue operations. It is understood that affected by the typhoon, Wenzhou County of Taishun Si Xi Zhen Xixi Cun Yin Shan Tong mountain landslides, a villager missing. After the alarm, the 16 day at 3:30 in the morning, the Wenzhou armed police detachment quickly dispatched 40 troops, carrying shovels, pick and other supplies and equipment to the site of the incident. Due to mudslides, landslides caused by blocked roads, traffic paralysis, rescue vehicles impassable, rescue officers and men on foot to catch up with the past. On the way from time to time there are trees and rocks falling from the mountain, part of the road collapse, travel difficulties. In hiking four kilometers, rescue officers and soldiers in search and rescue were washed away debris at the foot of the mountain. At the same time, the 16 day at 1 am, Wenzhou armed police detachment Yongjia squadron received a notice of the local flood control office, bridge in the town of Yongjia city flood caused by heavy rainfall, water more than 1 meters, parts of houses have been flooded the first floor. The disaster is an order, Yongjia squadron after receiving the notice, the first 18 echelon rescue rushed to the front line. Affected by heavy rainfall, Yongjia Nanxi River water level rose rapidly, some of the roads were flooded. Part of the road on the road in the landslide, the vehicle can not move forward, for the first time to rescue the lives and property of the people, rescue teams with rescue equipment, abandoned cars on foot. As of now, the rescue brigade successfully evacuated more than 100 people in the Yongjia bridge if the peach hole public village. At the same time, in Wenzhou City, Lucheng Yi Chen Cun Street mountain landslide debris, hillside houses were damaged; Ouhai Zeya landslides occur, people trapped. Zhao Haiting, political commissar of the armed police detachment command troops rushed to the city two rescue operations. Currently, the rescue continues. (end)相关的主题文章: