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U.S. media: China to expand the circle of friends in South Asia and India into a familiar opponent Reference News Network reported on September 12th, the U.S. media said that with China’s expansion in South Asia relations, it will face familiar opponents. During his visit to Beijing last month, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said he hoped to establish formal diplomatic relations with neighboring Bhutan and work to resolve the long-standing border dispute. The United States "world politics review" in September 6th of the Jawaharlal Nehru University doctoral · tiraque · JHA were interviewed on the Chinese to South Asia development view. The following is a summary of the interview: world politics review: how wide is China’s relationship with South Asia? How does China expand its approach to South Asia to its larger foreign policy? Tilak · Gerard: Beijing South Asia policy has two main purposes, because the area in China launched the infrastructure and aspiring Eurasian integration plan, namely "The Belt and Road" program in the role to be strengthened. First of all, China’s goal is to reach out to India economically to take advantage of its expanding market. Second, China’s goal is to weaken India’s position by developing relations in South Asia, thereby exploiting India’s own diplomatic and economic failures, particularly its inability to break regional trade barriers. Because the South adjacent to the Chinese, is one of the most populous and fast growing regions in the world, these targets are consistent with China for domestic security and sustainable economic development and maintaining regional stability of the broader foreign policy goals. In order to achieve these goals, China basically adhere to the policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, and the use of defense, manufacturing and infrastructure projects to deepen trade relations with South asia. China clearly attaches great importance to relations with Pakistan, plans to invest $46 billion to build Pakistan Economic Corridor is proof. China has become Pakistan’s largest arms supplier. At the same time, with the India water disputes and political tensions between North China banladesh backward. China is Bangladesh’s largest trading partner since 2005. Chinese in Nepal is an important political and economic role, especially in 2005 after the new king of Nepal and India became Kathmandu since the deterioration of the relationship between. Bhutan is the area still rely on India rather than the last country Chinese, but over the years Beijing has been trying to establish formal diplomatic relations with bhutan. World politics review: what measures China is taking to expand relations in the region, what are the problems that hinder the development of stronger relations between China and South Asian countries? Tilak · Gerard: in addition to expanding trade and diplomatic relations with South Asia, Chinese hope relatively underdeveloped southern provinces interconnection. The West Pakistan Economic Corridor, Eastern Bangladesh – Chinese – India – Burma corridor, the construction of railway and highway in Nepal, Bhutan and India in the northern part of the Tibet plateau, all of these is to make the area as a whole interconnection. I hope it Chinese trillions of dollars in infrastructure projects, including "The Belt and Road" initiative, will change the geo economic area, if the South Asian countries including India to fully participate in. At the same time, China相关的主题文章: