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U.S. media said President’s visit to China is eager to get tens of billions of dollars of investment data: Duthel Te. Xinhua News Agency (Office of the president of Philippines for map) Philippines President Duthel Te will be held on October 18th to 21 visit to reference news network reported on October 14th U.S. media said, in October 12th, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed that Philippines’s president Duthel Te will be held on October 18th to 21 on the Chinese visit. Observers believe that Duthel Te’s visit to China, will seek economic cooperation and the value of tens of billions of dollars of friendship investment". According to voice of America radio website reported on October 13th, the eve of the visit to China, the Sino Russian economic and trade relations have been partially thawed. Chinese has lifted up to four years of Philippines banana, pineapple and other agricultural and forestry aquatic products import ban, and is considering lifting of Philippines mango, pitaya, shrimp, crab and other products of the ban. According to Philippines’s latest official data, in 2014, Philippines seafood exports $1 billion 300 million, while China accounted for only 6.3% of them, the United States accounted for 25%. The report also quoted the Singapore Asia News television news, a large drug rehabilitation center China Fujian businessman, century Jin Yuan group chairman of the board of directors Huang donated in Philippines suburb of the capital city of Manila will be officially opened next month. Huang was in 80s to Philippines to work hard, and make a pot of gold, to China development, have been selected China list and philanthropist list, he aided to the drug rehabilitation center in Philippines will hire 900 employees, can treat more than 10 thousand patients. "This project will not only benefit those who want to help us, but we can change the image of our country," Philippines’s health minister, mr.." After Duthel Te took office in Philippines for the "war on drugs" because of excessive executions and criticized by western human rights groups, and these criticisms also become a direct cause of his strained relations with Europe and the United states. Reported that Duthel Te’s visit group received a warm response in Philippines business, the government trade commissioner Teradu revealed to the media, more than and 20 business places originally planned the team is not fast enough, and finally with the president to Chinese business leaders is likely to reach 250. "Philippines world news" the author said, as the recovery of Sino Philippine relations, no longer provoke the South China Sea issue exchange of interests, the Philippines will hope to get tens of billions of dollars in railways, power grids and other infrastructure construction investment from Chinese. In addition, Philippines also wants to add domestic exports of agricultural products, and look forward to the mutual exemption of visas of tourists between the two countries to promote the development of tourism in Philippines, and hope that Chinese amnesty currently about 230 thousand Filipino workers in China illegally, open market and further discuss the Filipino anti drug cooperation etc.. Reported that Duthel Te’s visit to China may also involve a number of other sensitive industries. Last month, Duthel Te has said it would consider buying weapons from China or russia. Some analysts speculated that Philippine National Oil Co does not rule out the possibility of cooperation with China National Offshore Oil Corporation to explore the waters of Philippines oilfield. Analysts believe that the current domestic Philippines in addition to drug problems, there are some urgent.相关的主题文章: