Under the aura of Tu what to think

Under the aura of Tu in what health – Sohu

learned was the top national award for science and technology, Tu is very calm. This kind of calm, and she learned that she won the Nobel prize in a similar mood.

in 2015, because the Nobel Prize, Tu Chinese became a shining technology name card. Since then, this year more than eight years old, suddenly pushed to the center of the field of public opinion. Interview, discussion, sympathy, star aura and noise so that the elderly do not adapt.

on the award, Tu teacher is not too concerned about

more than and 80 year old Jiang Tingliang sat on the seat, leaning forward to from the microphone closer, more clearly to sit in the friends of the press Tu team tells the story of the year.

traditional Chinese medicine Chinese Chinese Academy of Sciences, former director of Jiang Tingliang from the age of more than and 20, he worked with Tu. His memory is stored with the ups and downs of artemisinin Tu.

January 21, 1969, Tu ushered in an important moment of life, scientific research into foreign aid readiness and emergency military project "523" task, has also opened a margin of nearly half a century of Artemisia annua.

"the last century in 50s and 60s, originally in the southeast of anti malaria drugs for anti malaria drug quinine failure, has become an urgent task facing the new international and domestic. Tu in the study group received "the first two years after the 523" task, spent a lot of effort, but did not get good progress. Until the Tu by "zhouhoubeijifang" enlightenment." Jiang Tingliang memories.

"zhouhoubeijifang" in writing: "Artemisia grip, soaked in the water of two liter, wring juice, make clothes."

"juice", how "twist"? After careful consideration, Tu re design the research program, taking water, alcohol, ether and other solvents were extracted from the stem and leaves, separate extraction method. After hundreds of times of failure after the baptism, the team found that the best effect of ether extract of Artemisia annua l..

at the beginning of October 1971, the final results of antimalarial experiment 191st times of Artemisia annua extract sample showed that the neutral ether on the parasite inhibition rate reached 100%!

at that time, no one thought, after more than 40 years, the experimental results of the entire laboratory boiling, will become the key to open the Nobel prize in the field of natural science.

however, whether it is the Nobel prize in 2015, or just to get the state supreme science and technology award, in the eyes of Tu, are not representative of his scientific research career period "".

"on the award, Tu teacher is not too concerned about." Tu assistant Yang Lan said. She has witnessed the Tu in Tang’s traditional Chinese Medicine Academy of traditional Chinese medicine China Development Award, the Lasker clinical medicine prize, Warren? The Albert prize, the Nobel prize in physiology or Medicine Award, the state supreme science and technology award after a calm. >