Under the new campus center primary school completed primary school affiliated to Yinzhou Middle Sch

Under the new campus center primary school completed primary school affiliated to Yinzhou Middle School Award

yesterday morning, under the Central Primary School relocation project was inaugurated in the new campus, the school has been awarding a day Yinzhou primary school. District leaders Xia Suzhen, bu Mingchang attended the ceremony.

under the Central Primary School, formerly known as "Zhengde school", founded in 1915, the new campus to start construction in early 2015, a total investment of nearly 200 million yuan, the campus covers an area of 70 mu, building area of 36 thousand square meters, the scale of 48 classes. At present, the school has a "future learning center" and "mobile learning experiment center" "off the record" center "Creative Arts Center" and "cloud room" and "Campus TV", "Jingdezhen porcelain workshop" bit "laboratory" and more than and 40 high standard classrooms and facilities all over.

in recent years, the center should be the center of the community vitality courses, curriculum development courses, moral experience courses in the training of children’s creative thinking, creative ability and shaping the character of children and other achievements. Today, the new campus has opened a prospective passenger space and STEAM courses, and carry out mobile terminal learning courses, library courses, curriculum reform and classroom teaching reform in Yinzhou District to become a demonstration school.

should center primary school middle school of Yinzhou and adjacent to the new campus, relying on its high quality education resources, the school will carry out cooperation with Yinzhou high school, Yinzhou middle school and primary school, in the school idea exchange, teaching experience sharing, helping teacher, curriculum and other aspects of communication.

"the completion of this high quality primary school, is the quality education to the" southeast wisdom city "gathering reflects, will further promote the modernization of the regional education." Street office director Yu Baiqi said. In recent years, our region to increase resource development in the construction of quality education, should become the Yinzhou District Street Education "new heights", Yinzhou middle school, middle school, primary school, in the province province experimental primary school, Ningbo city the first kindergarten in Yinzhou Park and a number of high-quality schools (kindergarten) have settled down under.