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Italy, Venice, the world’s high Yan heritage site – Sohu tourism inadvertently opened a magazine, the world’s highest value of the highest value of heritage sites, Venice suddenly jumped into the eyes. Human vision still account for the majority of the animal, are often the first to succumb to the visual enjoyment, will get to the bottom of this veil under heavy load. Love begins with love, just imagine who would be interested in a bland, further explore the desire? "Born of water, by water, because of water", "Xing", "water city" "Castle" and "Queen of the Adriatic" and "Bridge City" and so on, these are her reputation, this set thousands of pet in a city is the essence of the renaissance. The glory and dream of the past, well preserved and continues to date. Here are the fire and rebirth of the Phoenix opera house, Napoleon has been known as "Europe’s most beautiful living room" of the Plazza San Marco, the Great Renaissance and Byzantine architecture, breathtaking Gallery, the most beautiful passages in the movie master Antonioni here to shoot, the German musician Richard · Wagner died here…… [a] can be said to be the worst first from Milan to Venice, train more than 3 hours, 49 in Europe, train travel in Europe is more convenient transportation, city have woven into a dense road network. Chat with friends, but also do not feel the time, the seat is a Korean, it seems that the higher education has a good temperament and self-cultivation of the family. With their finger in the direction to the Adriatic Sea so suddenly appear in the eyes, large yellow water, I feel a little lost, this is the first face of Venice. Venice has two railway stations Venezia Mestre station and Venezia Santa Lucia station. Whether you are coming from Milan, or over Venezia Mestre station from Rome, Florence is the first to reach the train station, many tourists see Venice think that the end point station and get off, in fact, many tourists in Venice downtown at the next station is Venezia Santa Lucia station. Venice is the only city in the world without a car, the waterway is the city’s roads, no cars and bicycles, no traffic lights, the ship is the only means of transport in the city. Out of the train station, opposite the train station is the water pier, there are several points of sale, confused, I do not know where to buy tickets, thick skinned, ask. For the hotel’s location and traffic, Google map is used in foreign countries, to tell you how to go with what many meters of intersection, including the boat to the station but do not have to worry about sitting on the first. Venice is divided into 7 one-way tickets to Europe and 20 euro a day ticket, feel the prices here are expensive. )相关的主题文章: