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Food-and-Drink The city of dreams is also the city of good food and varied cultures. Once in Mumbai, you are sure to .e back with your friends and relatives. If you are permanently settled in Mumbai, well then you are one lucky person to be experiencing the beauty of life every single day. People from all over the globe; visit Mumbai to get a taste of different cultures and traditions. Mumbai is the only place in India that has ac.modated people from different states and hence it is a preferred location by many. It you warmly and makes you feel at home. Mumbai the only city that makes you feel at home: If you are a resident of Mumbai or just a visitor, you should be aware of the fact that Mumbai has some of the best cuisines to offer. Ask any foodies and you will know this is one place where you can get a taste of many different recipes and cuisines, be it international cuisines or Indian. However you get the best seafood in places like Andheri and Juhu. You could go online and look for the best seafood restaurant in Andheri . You may get a list of some of them. While you lazy around during weekends, you can probably make a plan with your friends and visit one of these restaurants. Evenings can be spent in the .pany of good friends and good food. Also since it is summers, the temperatures cool down during evenings and is pleasant, this is possibly the best time to visit these restaurants. You can relish on sumptuous dinners and because it is Mumbai we are sure sea food will be the best. Seafood and Mumbai is the best .bination: Mumbai is a land of fishermen and seas. You are bound to get one of the best seafood in and around the city of Mumbai. Mumbai has been known to be home to many fishing colonies and hence we can bet on the fact that Mumbai will have some delicious and exceptional seafood to offer. You can find seafood restaurant in Juhu . Juhu a place known to be home to many Bollywood stars, you never know while gorging on good food you might end up meeting your favorite star. So why not make the most of this opportunity and go satisfy your taste buds. Thank all the fishing colonies for giving such amazing seafood: Seafood restaurant in Andheri is not a tough thing to find, because the whole of Mumbai has been catering to sea food and the varied recipes, you can find the best one. Andheri being also a .mercial hub, you can find many people flocking to restaurants like these to give try on their foodie habits. Exploring different cuisines also will help you understand their culture better. We re.mend sea food since this is Mumbai which has seen many fishing colonies in the past and even now. Seafood restaurant in Juhu also give the best sea food. So satiate your foodie desires and explore this one side of the city of dreams. You are sure not to be disappointed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: