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Walker had 30 points to reverse the nets Jeremy wasp truce missed the battle of old main [collection] wasp 99-95 nets Walker cut 30 points leads to reversal of sports news November 5th Tencent today in the 13 home court nets suffered reversal, 95-99 loss to the hornets. Jeremy Lin because of a hamstring problem missed the battle of the old master, last time the nets had the chance to win, but the Kemba Walker and Marvin – Williams three – distracted. Walker led the team to win 30 points statistics: game, Walker scored 30 points, Batum scored 18 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists, Williams 13 cast 2 to get 6 points and 4 rebounds, Hois scored 13 points and 5 rebounds. The nets side, Brook Lopez scored 18 points, Booker had 12 points, 13 rebounds, 14 points off the bench of the Norwich, Kilpatrick scored 19 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists. Replay: the first section of the game, Lopez layup, Jefferson jumper, the nets 5-0 start. Batum turned the jumper for the Hornets to break the deadlock, Lopez again layup, the nets always take the initiative. After Lopez hit three points, 9 points ahead of the nets were 13-4. Walker angry Glenealy 5 points, but Lopez and Booker eye-catching performance, the Norwich nets jumper, 21-8 ahead 13 points. After leading the nets weakness again exposed, coming off the bench after being played retreat, Walker and Batum Glenealy 6 points, the first 1 minutes before the end of Batum who scored 5 points, 2 sessions for 1, the Hornets to 23 flat in the second quarter. The second section of the game, White Hyde Glenealy 4 points, but Hois and Mcgigi.. Hamilton Hois hit three points, three points back. The nets made by Kilpatrick and Booker once again leading to the two figure, Jefferson hit three points after the 47-34 lead 13 points. But the first half of the last 3 minutes, Walker scored 4 points, Batum hit three points, the Hornets to 43-50 behind 7 minutes into the second half. In section third, Booker a jumper, White Hyde layup, the nets 54-43 leading 11 points. Walker 2 free throws, zele shot, Walker hit three, Zeller buckle up, the Hornets to wave flow only 4 points. The middle of the third quarter, Mcgigi dunk, Zeller 2 penalty 2, the Hornets 59-58 counter ultra 1 points. After the Hornets began to take the initiative, Williams hit three points, Kaminski layup, the Hornets leading 6 points. The Norwich hit three points, Kaminski responded with a score of three. Section third of the last 2 minutes, Batum cut dunks, Hois jumper, the Hornets 73-66 lead to 7 points, the Norwich and Scola Glenealy 4 points, the end of the three nets 3 points behind 70-73. The distal battle, Berry Nellie hit the jumper, Scola layup, Kaminski hit three points, both of you come to me the difference has not opened. Sessi 2 penalty in the Hornets lead by 5 points, Kilpatrick hit a score of three points, after the game into the white hot stage of the. Lopez and Walker break layup, Kilpatrick penalty succeeded, reduced to 3 points difference. Critical moment Walker step back jumper, but Booker Glenealy 4 points, only 1 points to 86-87 nets. Walker hits.相关的主题文章: