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Wanda Wang Jianlin: Overseas spending does not mean high Chinese are rich technology Sohu – Sohu technology news on August 25th news, in today’s 2016 fifast Business Expo, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin said in a speech, will gradually increase the overseas consumption back in China is must pay attention to the problem, to achieve this point needs top-level policy design, promotion of domestic brands and vigorously clean up fake phenomenon. Wang Jianlin speech original text streamlined as follows: the topic of my speech today is also a topic related to the reform of the supply side of the consumer. The topic is the overseas consumption back in China, including the current global economic slowdown in economic China continued, the export and investment contribution to economic growth to reduce greatly, so now a most important contribution to economic Chinese is consumption, so we also looked at the promotion China economy refers to the consumer. Then we research on consumption of two, one is the research on domestic consumption to bring it up, just a lot of experts and scholars to provide good advice, through innovation, through the development to enhance foreign consumption, but also on the other hand, is how to move too fast moving overseas back to domestic consumption. Here are the two things, the first is the characteristics of overseas consumption, according to official data released in 2015 China overseas tourism consumption is 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan, of which 800 billion is used for shopping, 700 billion tickets for accommodation, there is a foreign body according to the authoritative media published, Chinese in the overseas purchase consumption of about $150 billion. Then these two consumption is a total of RMB 2 trillion and 500 billion, which does not include some of the emerging consumer, such as the beauty of foreign countries, as well as other foreign consumption. These consumption presents three characteristics: first, the growth rate of overseas consumption much faster than domestic growth. Even in the US economy continued to slow Chinese, last year in overseas tourism consumption growth of 20%; two is the overseas consumption by buying luxury goods to buy daily necessities, it is a very obvious change; third is the rise of overseas medical and sports consumption model. To be honest, now can not say is consumer boom, we can not say that the downturn, total consumption still maintain two digit, but compared with the previous 15% continued for more than ten years we have 15% down, and the 10% of the statistical data on clothes I have not seen, that is to say we do not say when consumption is also very prosperous, and this is our great consumption abroad worthy of study. Second is the reason for overseas consumption growth, the primary reason is price competition, then is the quality and brand competition, but the high price is not only because of high tariffs, it is the overall price system is a problem; then the security issues in overseas can do basic consumer confidence in domestic, there is not, electronic business to the seller and the buyer does not need to meet this problem more difficult to solve; the third is the service, in the overseas consumption can indeed be the feeling of God, we are both domestic consumption and service attitude and service environment, may have a problem. So we have to study相关的主题文章: