Wang Jianlin attracted Hollywood to Qingdao, the United States worried about the media industry was magicq

Wang Jianlin attracted Hollywood to Qingdao U.S. media worry film industry was taken from the U.S. media said, in October 17th, Dalian Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin tried to persuade Hollywood to Qingdao, more specifically, to invest 8 billion 200 million dollars in his company, Qingdao East cinema, it covers an area of 408 acres of the building is scheduled for completion in August 2018, will have 30 seat studio. Actor Matt · Damon and Losangeles mayor Eric · accompanied by Jiaqiedi stream of people; the platform, Wang Jianlin put forward a very favorable measures to encourage filming in Chinese. In response, Washington should do all it can to stop Beijing from taking on another iconic industry in the United states. United States, "Forbes" magazine website published in October 23rd, China’s "Wanda" will be taken away from the United States in the hands of the film industry? "Reported that Wang Jianlin in Asia’s richest man identity forward in 2016, he opened his wallet and the local government of Qingdao, set up a $750 million fund to provide refund 40% of the production for each film, single film refund will be limited to the maximum amount of $18 million, these incentives seem to be play a role. The exterior director eleto · Jones on the "Hollywood reporter" said: "I listen to hearsay says, Hollywood still problems of pollution, systemic corruption and cultural conflicts have concerns, but Money talks, bullshit walks. And when the film executives who decided to turn the film into the past don’t have to stay there for too long, I’m sure there will be a healthy flow to Qingdao." Even after Wang Jianlin chairman also did not spend a penny from its bulging special fund in the Hollywood, had already started to film production transferred to Qingdao, "Pacific 2" and "2" Godzilla will be shot there. Reported that, in a sense, this is not surprising. This is the two film from the legendary film company, and Wanda this year to $3 billion 500 million acquisition of the company. Wanda Lu tried to buy the whole industry stride forward singing militant songs. "". The company’s 2012 acquisition of American cinema chain corporation, and after the acquisition of Viacom’s paramount movie company failed, and last month announced a production agreement with SONY Studio Entertainment company. Wanda is now trying to buy Dick · Clark’s production company, and the chain corporation in American cinema and cinema Ka Maike company reached an agreement, the acquisition of the United States ranked fourth cinema chain corporation. Reported that Wanda is not the only Chinese companies to enter the Hollywood. As part of a group of Alibaba, Alibaba listed in Hongkong Film Group announced in October 9th, and Steven · Spielberg ambling partnership reached a "comprehensive strategic partnership" in the movie business together. Through a variety of agreements, Chinese investors are providing funds for the production of films. Reported that China’s plan is to have a landmark industry, direct subsidies is only a small part of the program, the most important preferential conditions are obtained相关的主题文章: