Wang Yuan 16 years old birthday a Oscar thousand Yuxi fat little

Wang Yuan 16 years old birthday a blessing: Kai Qian Xi fat Sina entertainment news November 8th afternoon, Wang TFBOYS source [micro-blog] "meet – sixteen birthday" held in Changsha. At the birthday party, Wang Yuan for the fans to spend the time to prepare the performance of the mind, and even sing more songs, more zero distance interactive welfare. And JJ Lin [micro-blog] personally penned "grow up in the world" at the birthday party song song, the audience burst hi atmosphere. Wang Junkai and his teammates [micro-blog], [micro-blog] easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi also airborne scene push birthday cake together with Wang source. With the first single "because of you", Wang Yuan’s sixteen year old birthday party to "meet" as the theme. A "room" romantic opening, dressed as a field covered with photos of the room, with the photo memory slowly pulling back to his journey began, after a song, lovely Wang source also shouted: "I am unable to restrain the emotions at the age of 16!" Then the king and his childhood source in the form of a song for dialogue, again singing the classic childhood cover combined with "a good childhood", fragments of adorable fans, many people said that the cover is greatest love. In addition to romantic songs, Wang Yuan also at the birthday party’s first singing idol JJ Lin personally penned the song "to grow up in the world", with songs to express their true feelings at the age of 16. Happy birthday to Wang Yuan said, before the idol of JJ Lin blessing, mood fried flowers, and more than JJ, in fact, just over zero, Wang Yuan said his mobile phone is shaking non-stop, friends predecessors such as all sent congratulations, and the other two TFBOYS brothers not only have the blessing, also funny to specially satisfy him wish to receive a red envelope, gave him 200 envelopes. It is worth mentioning that the birthday will close, originally appeared in the VCR of teammate Wang Junkai, Yi Xi smelt one thousand also airborne scene, push on the birthday cake together with Wang source. In the short film two special weather bottle to send Wang source, I hope to love to travel, he can "I know the weather today", the scene also sent warm wishes, Wang Wang to eat a little fat, as well as pumping SSR (game). (the Wang Bo Liu Jiaqi photography Video Music) (commissioning editor: Ianto) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: