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Wang Ziqiang kind "Busan" "thousands" dark horse "- nominated Sohu entertainment thousands" press release cross version of the poster Busan Film Festival actor Wang Ziqiang Sohu entertainment news recently, love movie "youth road by Wang Ziqiang starring thousands" (Duck Neck) successfully qualified for the 2016 Busan International Film Festival in South Korea BIFF "Asian film window unit. As a senior living home and professional car delicacy tourism commentators, for many years in foreign travel career has accumulated rich experience in the way of time for Wang Ziqiang, Wang Ziqiang will also use their harvest and the feeling in the film role, successful interpretation of the meaning of travel, complete cross. Compared with the finalists Zhao Wei, Aaron Kwok, Simon Yam and many other powerful actor, as Wang Ziqiang without any acting experience, the entertainment new, its performance is not inferior to the above predecessors, as the soul of the whole film, Wang Ziqiang for the rhythm of the control handle to position, emotion and inner support to enrich the characters become more stereo, become the focus of attention of fans, fully embodies the great potential of Wang Ziqiang in the show on the road and infinite prospect. Set of fashion, entertainment and other elements in a Wang Ziqiang by virtue of the love of food, the enthusiasm of travel and car obsession, inspirational become a way of life. After the completion of the 30 countries round the world trip, Wang Ziqiang was now a senior global delicacy traveler and professional automotive critics. In addition to a multiple endorsements, to participate in the recording of CCTV’s car show, Wang Ziqiang is invited to the domestic and foreign car brands, shooting and show Promo recording, also served as the ambassador of the "fresh Fujian tourism image". Wang Ziqiang decided to cross the star in the film, put their years in the travel experience and life experience, blending in the "thousands" (Duck Neck) the Road youth love as the theme of the movie, also let "thousands" (Duck Neck) dark horse finalist in the 2016 Busan International Film Festival in South Korea BIFF "Asian film window unit, Wang Ziqiang said:" the film "thousands" (Duck Neck) achieved my dream, let me have the feeling of life for many years the original presented to the audience, whether it is a wonderful world or sincere feelings, I hope to share with the audience." It is reported that the prince will bring all the creative from October 6th to 15, "Busan" in world premiere, share the wonderful story with all the fans behind the scenes at the same time, also look forward to the "thousands" (Duck Neck) this dark horse talent shows itself shine.相关的主题文章: