Want to have children the four points a cut above others, it is important to do!

whenever I see their children as well as other children and parents, you inevitably in a hurry, many of them will grow "secret" searched everywhere.


do you think the child is short, is he really short?

wants to "how to" a cut above others?

jingle know that we are very concerned about these problems. So, today specially invited the Peking Union Medical College Hospital Department of Endocrinology doctor, listen to what he is saying.

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tall short not short, who should be compared?

is the relative height. Refer to the standard is very important, just a few small partners with short, and can not explain the child’s height problem yo.

think if the contrast the buddy unfortunately has "Yao Ming"…… It’s not easy to be a kid at home……

who should be compared?

to determine the short is not short, the correct reference object should be: with the race, the same age, the majority of the same sex, the height of normal children .

is currently the most commonly used compared with the standard 2006 version of the WHO (WHO) and 2005 nine city China standard, you can go to the official website of the relevant parents looking for the two standard direct control, then look at his home child is tall.

, however, if you feel that your parents are a little short, you need to find a professional doctor to help you. Doctors will be based on the child’s height, hormone levels and other aspects of the situation to determine whether it is short stature.

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play growth potential, and strive to "

" a cut above others

although a person’s final height is affected by the genetic parents is relatively large, but the day after the influence still can account for about 30% , 191 cm basketball star Jeremy Lin and he is less than 1 meters 7 of parents is an example.

so if you can help the child about 30% of the high potential to play out, grasp the high golden period, you can spell a good height.

today to teach you 4 ways.

1. grasp good long yellow;