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"We do" across the sea street selling nearly slag men eat tofu – Sohu entertainment "we through it" sea street selling "we" across the sea nearly slag men eat tofu Sohu entertainment news Chinese first historical experience reality show "we through it" the second season is Sichuan TV hit, into history the real cultural factors, and Shanghai Lu, Shen Teng, Dicky Cheung, a large coffee to join a way to let the audience could not stop. In the new phase of the program, not only to have her land abuse, was also the slag men ate "tofu". By second female man after a hard day’s labor, land and sea can finally lie in bed and sleep comfortably. Who knows in the sea to meet with the Duke, but tricky mother-in-law a voice shouted up. My bedroom sleepy sea after getting up, asking why get up so early? Her response was to make tofu, poor land can only listen to her arrangements, wear good clothes to wear good beans. Just finished tofu, she was sent to send food, clothing, selling tofu. The little sea second female man, carry a heavy burden. Land selling significantly wit narrowly escaped slag men eat tofu when the sea surface reaches the six food stalls, accidentally knocked over a block of tofu, tofu neat moment into tofu. Sea but it didn’t beat witty and clever she immediately poker-faced nonsense to sell cheap shredded tofu. Soon after a group of people to buy tofu. Did not think the sea is also very business minded, netizens said: it is wisdom and beauty coexist! When the sea is shouting excitedly to childhood, a hostile customer, from buy tofu into the sea to eat "tofu" did not say two words, had to go to the sea and customer yamen. Run away to sea sea two sisters finally had enough of her cunning Yang 1000 decided to create all sorts of obstacles, and Huang Xiaolei’s tavern?. Start a smart bartender in the best of spirits, unexpectedly once again encountered a "tofu" customer. Do not know the next time the sea and will meet what kind of people and things? Netizens have said: look forward to sea performances, I hope the next can set a little longer, look more lovely baby sea.   相关的主题文章: