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Marriage-Wedding I do not know a single soul who doesn’t know or has not heard of the Heart Of The Ocean Diamond Necklace that Kate Winslet (Rose DeWitt Bukater/Rose Dawson) wore in the 2nd All-Time Worldwide Box office movie Titanic. I have to admit that it took me three long months before I was able to see the movie after it started showing in the local theaters, This was due to the fact that everytime I tried to get a ticket for me and my pals, the theater’s tickets were all sold out for the entire week and it was a thing that I have by no chance experienced yet so I did not have the mind to acquire tickets at the very least 2 weeks ahead of time. A common routine for me and my buddies would be to go to the theater, buy tickets and go in to watch our selected movie. On the other hand, this movie experience was way different than what my friends and I have expected to happen. Anyway, the highlight that everyone was waiting to see was to when Rose asked Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) to draw her wearing only the Heart Of The Ocean Necklace and nothing else. Inside the cinemas, you could actually hear the people gasp to see a very beautiful young lady get undressed in front of a young boy, asking him to draw her in the nude. I mean who probably would not want that? So then it became a huge hit among girls to have a very good piece of necklace identical or something that resembles The Heart Of The Ocean as an important part of their jewelry. And needless to say, web auction sites had their own hype of the piece of gem. You can certainly guess that eBay was one of the first online auction websites to have a lot of web sellers auction at the least one replica of the blue diamond movie reproduction and until the present day, you would still see one amounting approximately $600 or a lot more. I instantly realized that the hype is not over yet when it’s been 13 years since it first arrived. The last time I made a study concerning the particular Heart Of The Ocean diamond, it was with Twentieth Century Fox’s movie archives. I am uncertain if they still have it by now or if it has been auctioned off for a good cause. Perhaps it still remains in their archives. In weddings, the bride with a necklace that looks like The Heart Of The Ocean is most likely the highlight of the whole ceremony. It’s when she walks down the aisle very slowly on purpose so that everyone could take a good glimpse at the necklace she is wearing. I just can’t imagine how long these brides will take to walk down the aisle. I could only feel for the poor groom who waits by the altar patiently as he watches his bride approach him so slowly. Anyhow, it’ll certainly make any wedding as remarkable as the movie and as dramatic as Rose’s quest to discover Jack. And by the way, don’t forget to play the theme song "My Heart Will Go On" to have that genuine Titanic feel, too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: