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Wei Planning Commission: the human organ transplant physician five cases will be canceled qualification – Beijing, Beijing, October 9, according to the Planning Commission website news, Wei Planning Commission website recently issued the "management measures of human organ transplant physician training and identification". "Approach" clearly the human organ transplant physician qualification. At the same time, the measures clearly stated that there are 3 consecutive years of human organ transplants did not carry out clinical work, such as the situation of the five, by the provincial health and family planning administrative department revoked or canceled. The "measures" clear, meet the following conditions at the same time, by the provincial health administrative departments of human organ transplant physicians practicing qualification: (a) hold "physicians practicing certificate", practicing categories for clinical, scope of practice for pediatric surgery (or pediatric surgery, place of practice direction) to grade three (two) Medical Hospital; the accident occurred more than two full responsibility or the primary responsibility for nearly 3 years, no violation of medical and health related laws and regulations, ethical principles and human organ transplantation technology management norms; (three) obtaining physician professional and technical qualifications, clinical experience or 8 years related or surgery in children clinical surgery more than 5 years working experience in human organ transplantation; (four) the training base for training and examination. The "measures" pointed out that these measures before the announcement has been engaged in human organ transplantation, practicing physicians and also meet the following conditions, can be directly to the provincial health administrative departments of the application for recognition. If the conditions are met, the administrative department of health and family planning at the provincial level shall be identified and indicated in the certificate of practicing physician. (a) place of practice with the corresponding human organ transplant medical subjects of the hospital, with professional and technical qualifications of doctor of vice director and above positions; (two) the past 8 years in human organ transplant related clinical work; (three) over the past 5 years with surgery doctors for transplant and graft survival than the specified number in accordance with relevant national technical specification of organ rate management. One is applied to identify liver transplant physician qualification, over the past 5 years to implement a liver transplant surgeon shall be no less than 30 cases; two is applied to identify physician qualification of kidney transplantation, nearly 5 years of operation to physician implementation kidney transplant surgery should be no less than 50 cases; the three is to apply for heart and lung transplant physicians the qualifications that, over the past 5 years to implement the surgeon heart and lung transplantation should be less than 5; the four is to apply for small intestine, pancreas transplantation physicians practicing qualification, nearly 5 years to the surgeon Shi Xiaochang, pancreas transplantation surgery should not be less than 2 cases. The "measures", one of the following circumstances, not human organ transplant physicians practicing qualification: do not have the full capacity for civil conduct; revocation by "practising certificate" physician administrative punishment, the date of application has not yet re registered by medical practice; suspension of administrative punishment, the date of application in medical practice during the period of suspension; do not meet the training conditions, training qualified through improper means; in addition to the provisions of article twenty-fourth cases, not without training base training or assessment.相关的主题文章: