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What hatred and resentment! Kardashian got TT: evil made harden destroy a rocket! Sohu sports (Sohu sports exclusive articles reprinted) Beijing time on November 3rd news, a former boyfriend and her boyfriend’s direct dialogue. According to "the Hollywood" the life line, socialite Kohler – Kardashian in the rockets at Cleveland, specifically asked Tristan Thompson, in the game to James harden a serious foul. James is Kohler’s past. Two people once had been the last summer of love, but eventually breaking up. It is reported that the reason for the split with Lamar Odom accident, and "beard" carrying Kohler outside affair, which makes Kohler brood on. Today, Kohler’s love affair with TT developing rapidly, two people have been living together, and even the media puliao, the two sides have engaged. Local time on Tuesday, the rockets and the Cavaliers before the game, Kohler made a request to the TT. For Kohler, TT played every game is important, but the Cavaliers against the Rockets, it is super important game, "the insider said," Kohler wants to see TT to harden a serious foul. Yeah, nothing makes her happier than that." "Kohler still feel, the wrong decision is to harden into her life," the source said, "it let Kohler feel very bad, especially when she found her behind her back and harden others after. So, Kohler hopes TT will harden and to destroy the rockets." According to earlier rumors, then harden and Kohler in love, was an Australian female college students cheat. But the game is not the game, and between TT and harden too hot screen. In the Q, harden the super –41 data points and 15 assists and 7 rebounds, but the TT and the Cavaliers won the ball. For Kohler, maybe she will be very happy, because her boyfriend beat her ex boyfriend. (Sohu sports exclusive manuscript is prohibited Reprint)相关的主题文章: