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What’s the central deep restructuring sent spree – Sohu news governance 1000 days — something @ deep reorganization, our leader is general secretary of Guizhou province Zhaoxing, when night fell, the villagers who will gather to the stockade center, opened the "Drunken Beauty Zhao Xing Dong" performance of the big screen, Dong sing the song after another high pitched sounds, showing wonderful songs and dances for tourists and dong. "In the past few years, the village tourism development, the villagers have a good day, but in the past this is unthinkable." Generations living in the town of Zhao Xing Lu Changhua said, in recent years, the construction of Zhaoxing through financing loans, a total investment of 450 million yuan of 45 related tourism projects, the development of Dong culture tourism. In September 24th, the central comprehensively deepen reform leading group established in 1000 days, in the meantime, related to people’s livelihood security system more perfect, in poverty alleviation, health care, business support and other aspects have played many combination of people gain a livelihood package rich "". The development of village landscape by rich tourism changed the Zhaoxing residents life, Lu Changhua’s family are the beneficiaries. There are 4 labor Lu Changhua home, before the development of the tourism industry in Dong village, they basically rely on farming for a living, self-sufficient, per capita income of only 1000 yuan. In recent years, the tourism industry has gradually emerged in the village, the Lu Changhua family in the village opened guesthouse hotel, to solve two home labor employment. In 2013, the government departments of tourism development on Zhaoxing regulate the management, the other two people also have a new job, "now the annual income per capita than engage in tourism before nearly doubled to 8 times." General Office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued the "on innovative mechanisms to effectively promote rural poverty alleviation and development of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") pointed out that strengthening tourism resources in poor areas of investigation, focus on the construction of the beautiful countryside, relying on the advantages of tourism resources in poor areas, to play the role of radiation scenic quality, promote farmers out of poverty. In this regard, the opinions of the timetable is: by 2015, support about 2000 poor villages to carry out rural tourism. By 2020, support about 6000 poor villages to carry out rural tourism, rural labor force employment. For the 69 year old village villagers Lu Zhencai, "the improvement of living standards is the most real happiness." "A few years ago, even in no decent roads, village good scenery is stay tourists." Lu Zhencai said that in the past most of the villagers can only rely on the cultivation of rice and oil tea for a living, the monthly income of about 100 yuan. At that time, he never thought that one day the stockade road will become so flat and beautiful, own can watch TV at home, children can learn to use computer. All this thanks to the development of tourism poverty alleviation, so that we can live a good life." Today, Lu Zhencai and his wife opened a shop selling handicrafts in the village, a monthly income of less than 1000 yuan, more than 5000 yuan. Chinese youth youth online? The reporter learned that, in 2015 7 tourists travel Zhao Xing bin相关的主题文章: