When it snows, it is better than Hokkaido

I was a native of northern people, like a world of ice and snow Northland scenery, the snow has been into my blood, but the most I regret is always working in the South have no chance to play outdoor skiing, that I cannot get, have been looking forward to, wearing ski suits, on skis, flying in the vast snow, go by like the wind in the mountains. In January 3 have received Changchun Tourism Bureau and the media alliance invited in the Changchun Festival vaasa.

I came to

, Xiangshan temple has long been fascinated by the snow, snow mountains, trees, geographical advantages, skiing fancier paradise, paradise is skiing. When I stepped on a snowboard, full of excitement., heartbeat, have a kind of impulse, anxious to immediately fly to the mountain, ride in the snow field, the release of so many years of passion.

longitudinal flying ideal, we should face the reality, come from the most junior ski technical school, do a good student in class. Look at the others around like the wind across the light, envy, see others around Xiangshan as I fell, I secretly glad myself. Sometimes I carefully slide down the hill, sometimes bold speeding, the wind in the ear was over, the mountain was behind me, the snow I call the shots, between heaven and earth flying a little of me.

skiing, for any age group, there is a strong temptation. In a world of ice and snow, wearing a ski suit color baby foot long skis, his body bent, hands and feet with harmony, like a flame, rolling, burning, full of youthful vigor, a kind of unspeakable beauty.

if you Changchun, you must go to ski at a mountain, the gentle slope, just skiing, a big snow, crystal white, give you a cool world, more soothing music, like a spring in the heart, floating down in the mountains and in such a situation, you will forget everything earthly, selflessly devote themselves to this piece of ice and snow. This piece of heaven and earth, not only barbaric your body, but also wash your soul. This is a good thing, Why not??

has built a ski area, intermediate ski snow road, a primary alpine snow road three, two, pulling the carpet, a double chair lifts a snow road, a total length of 5000 meters, while the construction of a top board and a wild snow park. Ice and snow amusement park, including bowling on the snow, snow flying saucer, snow leisurely wave ball, snow motorcycle, snow bike, snow golf, snow desert experience, more than 10 projects.

to ski in the morning in Changchun, and then soak in the afternoon comfortable hot springs, not only can experience the passion in the snow, but also to ease the day’s journey hard.

heard that the letter south;