Where should I go after the Lakers have been cut off Back to CBA is the best choice (video)-ghost observer

Where should I go after the Lakers have been cut off? CBA is the best choice to return back to the CBA of Yi is the best choice for Yi Jianlian and Lakers career ended averaging 3 points and 2.5 rebounds that was cut by Chen Yueze thousands of miles away in Losangeles, this time coming and not good news. According to the ESPN name in mind, Mark Stern said Yi Jianlian on Sunday (local time) and group discussion, offered by the Lakers layoffs. Lakers will be on Monday (local time) formally completed the Arab League layoffs. This also means that the impact of NBA Yi Jianlian, eventually frustrated. At the end of the Olympic Games, Yi Jianlian was exposed to the Lakers news, then injected a shot in the arm for the bottom of Chinese basketball. But the reality is always more ideal than skinny, after the Lakers came despite Yi Jianlian’s diligence, but has not been able to obtain the trust of coach and stable position. The reality is the reality, he must make a choice in front of the road as soon as possible. Yi Jianlian can choose to remain in the United States for training, until the start of the NBA season, when the NBA team has been laid off when the role players, Yi Jianlian still hopes to get short contracts and even security contract. But this choice is too risky for Yi Jianlian, in the fierce competition in the NBA, it is difficult to ensure that they will be able to get such an opportunity for Yi Jianlian. From the point of view of income and salary, depending on the contract of odd jobs, even can turn into a guarantee contract, income is relatively low. At the same time, if we can not play for a long time, there is a negative impact on the competitive state of athletes. Compared to stay in NBA to look for opportunities, Yi Jianlian will most likely choose will be back to CBA. But in front of him, the first problem is to get the first to play the qualification, that is to complete the registration of the new season. As everyone knows, basketball in accordance with the provisions, the new season CBA registration time early at the end of September has ended, Yi Jianlian has missed the registration date. But in fact, this does not have an impact on his return to CBA, such things have precedents. Was here full of longing for Guo Ailun last season, and the Liaoning contract problem has not reached, delay the registration, the final basketball exception, extended Guo Ailun’s registration period, he finally reached with Liaoning contract, also successfully completed the registration. The latest case is National Cheng jia. Jia Cheng after the end of the season, by the Shandong Sichuan loan contract expires, then his whereabouts have been uncertain, because with the parent team of Shandong about the contract has not been reached, and it also delayed the new season registered. A few days ago, Jia Cheng finally successfully return to Shandong, and his return has also been the Basketball Association as an exception. In accordance with the provisions of the association needs to take the initiative to convene a 20 Club representatives to participate in the vote, decided whether it will be special care for the special case of Yi Jianlian in such a way that a delayed registration for him. With Yi Jianlian in the China basketball position, and make contribution for past China basketball, he will no doubt the success of the qualification for registration. The other 19 clubs will give Yi Jianlian and the club, including Chinese Basketball Association a favor at little cost, the successful completion of the final registration. Another one.相关的主题文章: