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Who is not obedient to prick who Jilin 4 was sentenced for preschool children xinhuanet.com Changchun acupuncture Sohu news news November 6th, the criminal law amendment (nine) for the first time the guardian abuse crime penalty, Jilin Province Siping 4 kindergarten teachers’ day for children before acupuncture constitute abuse by guardian crime, were sentenced to in two years and six months to two years and ten months in prison. People feel a little relieved at the same time, but also hope that such acupuncture children’s events no longer occur. Who is not obedient, who will tie the child has a shadow on the kindergarten, for two or three kindergartens do not adapt, a kindergarten on the crying." Siping City parents Gao Xiang said. His child was the teacher needle. At the end of November 2015, in Siping City, red yellow blue, after the parents found the child waist, legs, head and so on many red pinholes, less a few to more than a dozen, then some parents reported to the police station. After the discovery of a pinhole, had to call the kindergarten teacher to ask, but the teacher said it was a rash, from the children did not use acupuncture, but at home in the evening to find a new pinhole, confirmed that the teacher." Gao Xiang said. Parents will be found in the class WeChat group released, more parents also found a number of children who have different pinhole. A few days later, the child was up to more than and 20 people, involving a total of 4 teachers in 2 classes. Parents, and later forensic detection with professional equipment, the new injury to the oldest child who has more than and 50 holes. Hospital issued a diagnosis on the display: the surface of the soft tissue multiple needle like wounds. Gao Xiang recalls, his son Yang Yang in October 2014 after admission, always have to pull the mouth problems, thought it was a bad habit, later found the child in the mouth with pinhole. Children inadvertently, revealed that the teacher Wang Lu acupuncture as, who is not obedient, who will tie." After the incident, the park has been shut down in Tiexi District Education Bureau Siping City, 4 teachers involved have been arrested. In October 26th, Tiexi District People’s court, the court held that the 4 teachers repeatedly take acupuncture, intimidation and other means of guardianship of children abuse, abuse by the guardian constitute a crime, sentenced in two years and six months to two years and ten months. Four major difficulties affecting the investigation of evidence according to media reports publicly, kindergarten teacher acupuncture child event is not a case. In 2015, a kindergarten in Beijing Fangshan Changyang Town, many parents say, the child was a kindergarten teacher with a needle prick. In May of the same year, Yanta District of Xi’an city a kindergarten, a dozen children of parents were teachers of acupuncture. In September 28th of this year, Tiexi District People’s court hearing the case on the same day, Hongqi Street Changchun city kindergarten has been discovered 7 children are teachers of acupuncture. Although this kind of incident, the teachers involved will be taken away by the police investigation, but afterwards often due to lack of evidence, or does not constitute a minor injury and settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Siping kindergarten teachers acupuncture event attorney, child victims Beijing Xinrong lawyer Chen Yuwei said that in such cases there are several difficulties in the investigation: first, the victim is too small, there is only two or three years old, though.相关的主题文章: