Why are people Fearless is Yunxie Yunxie is a kind of disease

yesterday, a unit of staff to the hospital physical examination. When the blood, a young man actually fainted, your first reaction is "Yunxie" — he. And rushed to the resuscitation room.

Yunxie in the US is a very common phenomenon. No matter is seen bleeding trauma in the hospital, or when blood injections, or bump in life after seeing the blood, may have appeared yunxie. Some people will have their own bleeding dizzy, and some people will see other people bleeding. But what is Yunxie thing? Let’s talk about it today.

what is Yunxie?

is Yunxie patients after seeing blood, a syncope phenomenon. Mainly manifested as dizziness, nausea, dizziness, palpitations, and pale, cold sweat, cold limbs, lower blood pressure, black eyes, and even loss of consciousness.

Why would


is derived from the subconscious Yunxie patients on blood fear. Because of exposure to, or even just smell the blood, the cerebral cortex will produce a nervous signal, first of all, sympathetic nerve stimulation, heart rate, blood pressure increased slightly. This is a normal physiological response.

but some people beware of muscle contractility increased significantly when cardiopulmonary baroreceptors are over stimulated, it may be caused by reflex vagus nerve, and decreased heart rate, vascular dilation, blood pressure decreased. The systemic hypotension is pale, sweating, palpitation; and insufficient blood supply to the brain will appear dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, black, will be a serious loss of consciousness?.

is a very common phenomenon in the hospital treatment. Whether the patient is subcutaneous, intramuscular injection, intravenous injection, or blood test, after the needle will appear syncope. The mechanism of disease and the same basic yunxie.

Yunxie is a kind of disease?

Yunxie is not a physical disease. It is a kind of mental disorder, which is closely related to psychological factors . but Yunxie symptoms also have certain physiological changes. In some special physiological conditions, Yunxie may be easier than usual to attack, we will say.

is Yunxie because timid?

Yunxie is a kind of phobia, this phobia with acrophobia, claustrophobia and other properties are similar, but not necessarily linked with a . some men while claiming to be very brave, what all not afraid, but still may appear yunxie. This could be a creature;