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Why do not these Mid Autumn Festival Secretary of the provincial Party committee – after the Mid Autumn Festival in the Mid Autumn Festival Sohu news to work on the first day, I do not know how the state. One of the political know Jun did not rest for three days, the political circle (ID:wepolitics) know, like us, Zhi Jun, as a small holiday is still a lot of busy people. As we all know, after eighteen, the senior leadership advocates a busy working day and holiday of fashion, the underground staff also in holiday and good family reunion. But when there are some important jobs during the holidays, the leaders have to sacrifice the first holiday to work. Mid Autumn Festival small holiday three days there are so few leaders do not rest. "Whenever you call me, I’ll be there in ten minutes." Political knowledge circle (ID:wepolitics) to say that the coastal provinces of Fujian and Zhejiang. The three day of the Mid Autumn Festival busiest to Fujian, Zhejiang leaders. Typhoon "Meranti" landing, to Fujian, Zhejiang suffered a strong "baptism". Fujian Xiamen is the first to experience "Meranti" bad place. At 2:45 on September 14th, the Xiamen municipal flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters issued the first typhoon prevention mobilization since the founding of new china. Mobilization requirements: 14 days before 15:30, to the end of anti typhoon flood emergency response level, in the city within the scope of the implementation work (industry), discontinued, closed, closed, such as a "three stop". According to the "Fujian daily" reported that 14 days, Fujian provincial flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters, "Meranti" most likely at 15 am in the morning to Xiamen to Guangdong Shantou along the coastal areas. Party secretary Quan, governor Yu Weiguo early in the morning to Hunan province. The day before 9 pm, again to Quan Sheng Fangzhi, go, Quan Sheng Fangzhi also told the person in charge: "have at any time to call a few can, I’ll be there in ten minutes." Fujian provincial Party committee secretary Quan Changtai to Zhangzhou to inspect the disaster in September 15th, the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday morning, "Meranti" landing in Xiangan. Early in the morning, once again to the Quan Sheng Fangzhi, this is his third time to 24 hours of Hunan province. Governor Yu Weiguo rushed to the typhoon landing in Xiamen. The second day Quan also rushed to the worst hit Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou and other places to see the disaster. Typhoon "Meranti" for the leadership of Zhejiang is also a "battle", the evening of September 14th, "Meranti" has not yet landed, there are one hundred or two hundred kilometers away from Xiamen, Zhejiang is prepared to meet the challenge, the provincial Party Secretary Xia Baolong, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor of Che Jun Wang Huizhong made instructions, requiring all localities and relevant to the post office. Do defense work. Second PM, Xia Baolong and Che Jun Sheng Fangzhi to inspect and guide the flood control work, Xia Baolong ordered the dead people, less ". "Jinghai jujube is very sweet, I want to play" ads for it. "." Holiday overtime, indicating that these jobs can not wait. Political knowledge circle (ID:wepolitics) noted that the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday the day before the new party secretary of Tianjin Li Hongzhong, before the end of the holiday began visits to research, familiar with the situation in Tianjin. Zheng Kun相关的主题文章: